I want my 20-year-old daughter to leave home – now I’m getting trolled & people say she’ll never speak to me again

WHILE some parents may suffer empty nest syndrome when their kids move out, one parent seems to have the complete opposite to this problem.

Taking to question and answer forum Quora one anonymous parent has asked for advice on how to get their 20-year-old daughter to leave home.

Critics say the daughter will likely resent her parents if they kick her out


Critics say the daughter will likely resent her parents if they kick her outCredit: Getty

They write: “My 20-year-old daughter wants to move in with us until she is finished with college. She says she will pay the bills but she is a grown adult. How do I tell her that adults leave the nest?”

However, while they may have been expecting to receive some advice, commenters quickly began to criticise the parent.

One commenter wrote: “If you do tell her that, don’t be mad if she doesn’t want a relationship with you any longer. You brought her into this world, she should always be your little girl. 

“If she’s trying to better herself through higher education to put herself in a better position to take care of herself, and you when you’re old, then you should do everything you can to support her.

“If you tell her adults leave the nest, don’t call on her to care for you in your waning years. Otherwise, you’re just a hypocrite.”

“Be thankful she’s sticking with college and don’t be the reason she has to drop out and do a job she hates for all her life,” added another, continuing:

“She’ll be no bother to you then because she’ll always remember you didn’t help her when you could have.”

A third shared their own experience of having a parent like this, writing: “When I was 18 my mother informed me I was moving out. Not thrown out because of arguments etc, I was just told I was moving out.

“I can tell you now that our relationship went downhill from then on!”

Another commenter with a similar story added: “My family told me that when I was 18, I was out of the house. 

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“I moved out, joined the military, moved across the country, and barely spoke to them for over 20 years. 

“Now they’re elderly and living off a fixed income in a retirement home with no one to take care of them. They never see their grandchildren. This is your future.”


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