It’s corny but also a stroke of genius. Peepsquare’s power banks come with videogames built right into them so you can leave your phone alone while it’s charging. The 8000 mAh power bank comes with an impressive 416 games built into it, quite like those third-party Gameboy cartridges back in the day. It conveniently allows you to plug two devices into it, thanks to the presence of 2 USB ports, and lets you play games right on the power bank itself, thanks to the presence of a small screen, a d-pad, and action buttons. It isn’t some sort of Nintendo Switch replacement, but with games like Angry Birds and Plants Vs. Zombies, the power bank is a pretty great way to keep yourself entertained while keeping your hands off your phone. I’m not surprised the idea for this product came out of China, but I’m surprised it hasn’t become the norm yet!

Designer: Peepsquare


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