I spotted the £5 B&M toy sale & cleared the shelves, I’m trolled but my girl’s birthday & Christmas is already sorted

MANY of us dream of being such a savvy shopper that we buy all our presents months before Christmas so there’s no last minute stress.

For the majority, this is an unfulfilled dream and we spend Christmas Eve furious with ourselves as we queue up for the last remaining toys on the shelves.

Mum Amy bagged 22 toys for just £5 each in the B&M sale


Mum Amy bagged 22 toys for just £5 each in the B&M saleCredit: Facebook/ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK

One bargain hunter definitely will not have that problem this year as she bagged an epic haul of discounted toys when she discovered the B&M sale.

Mum Amy Hanson shared details of her mega shopping session with a picture of her trolley overflowing with fun treats.

Posting on Facebook’s Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, she said: “£5 toy sale at B&M. I spent £110 on 22 toys, that’s my daughter sorted for her birthday and Christmas.”

While she didn’t confirm the exact list of 22 items, from the picture it was clear this included; colouring pens, baby dolls, Princess toys and a bath bomb making kit.

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Fellow parents were blown away by the hefty shopping spree.

One person said: “I love these sales and get loads in for my sons friends birthdays/birthday parties.”

Another said: “Awesome thats a lot of toys one lucky little girly.”

While another said: “Thank you so much for posting this!!! We’ve just been and got my little girl some presents for her birthday.”

A third said: “Looks great for stocking up on school friends birthday party presents.”

Another said: “I always think I’ll do this. Make use of sales for the kids Christmas and my eldest daughter’s birthday right before Christmas but then I always worry by then they won’t be interested in whatever I bought anymore and I would have wasted the money. I then chicken out of doing it.”


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