I share the same name as Jackie Weaver – but unlike her I actually have the authority

Up until last year, when you typed ‘Jackie Weaver’ into Google, I was the first search result alongside an Australian actress with the same name.

I’m an animal psychic, and the other Jackie was in the film Animal Kingdom.

I don’t know about her, but I used to get a handful of emails mistaking us.

I’d always reply and say ‘no, but I do talk to animals’.

Now I wonder if the newest famous Jackie Weaver gets similar inquiries.

I like to imagine this quite conservative woman being asked what it’s like to be able to telepathically communicate with animals. I imagine she’d be lost for words.

To be honest, I’m not really sure why Parish council Jackie is famous. A friend messaged afterwards to say, ‘I was so disappointed when I saw Jackie Weaver was on the TV and it wasn’t you!’.

The only impact her stardom has had on my life is that people occasionally ask me if I have the authority.

I’ve never even watched the video as I don’t have a huge amount of interest in it – I am animal orientated, not political, and animals definitely have no interest!

All my life I could sense things before they happened and I had a sense of inner knowledge – but had no idea it meant that I was psychic!

That was until 2005, when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was given a month to live.

It was the biggest shock and I was devastated.

I refused to accept my fate and thankfully pulled through, but was physically drained. I needed some light relief after my recovery and decided to book in to see an animal communicator.

It changed my life.

I’m not sure if my namesake has any pets but I’d love to bring her in for a session (Picture: JD Photography)

While it was lovely getting to understand my pet more through this experience, the communicator told me, via my dog, about my own intuition and she suggested I use my gift to connect with pets and their owners.

My career took off from there.

Since 2007, I have been opening lines of communications between people and their best friend and my vet nursing knowledge certainly helps too.

There are so many stories that stick out.

Recently I was chatting to a four-year-old horse and a woman who had bred her. The horse was really defensive, ears back and kicking whenever anyone came into her space.

Her owner was completely clueless as to why – it wasn’t in the mare’s parents’ nature and she hadn’t raised this horse in a way she dissimilar to her others.

So I started asking the horse why she was acting this way and suddenly I was struck with an image of her falling over as a foal.

When I asked her owner if this sounded familiar to her she thought and recalled that, at six months old, they tried to teach the foal to lift a foot for them and she fell over.

It clicked for me straight away: ‘She thinks whenever people are approaching her that they’re going to try to lift and tip her over and she doesn’t like it’.

After that, I explained to the horse that no one would try and pick her up, and that she was big horse and no longer a vulnerable foal.

I told her that people were only coming into her space for positive reasons, like to feed or groom her and clean her feet out to keep her comfortable.

I gave her and her owner a safe word – something I call a ‘bonding key’ – so that if the horse was acting unsettled, the owner could say ‘I am gentle’ as a prompt to calm them both.

While I allowed the owner an insight into which incident had triggered this behaviour, a lot of people with pets don’t seem to realise they can communicate directly with their animals.

I always talk to my dog like he can understand me – because he can. Animals know what we say – we’re the ones that can’t understand them.

My role is to help give animals a voice.

I love seeing clients go away knowing what their animals have to say; it gives their relationship a new dimension going forward.

Whenever I hear people debate whether animals have souls, I can’t believe those that say they don’t. Our pets have their own lives, personalities and feel empathy unlike many humans.

I always find myself muttering to the detractors, ‘Lord help you if you need a Guide Dog’.

We should be in awe at what animals know and notice. I love to tell people their pets can telepath between each other.

The best example of this is the time I was chatting to someone else’s horse that had a few problems.

During the conversation, he suddenly asked if he was up for sale. I passed the question on to his owner who was most surprised.

‘He was – how does he know?’, she replied.

When I asked the horse, I saw an image of a black dog. I asked the lady and it turned out that was the family pet.

He’d heard the family discussing the horse’s sale and the dog went straight off to tell his friend!

I love finding out the source of an issue and helping repair these relationships, but my real passion is assisting people with their grief after a pet dies.

For so many people, it’s like losing a child. I encourage owners to enjoy every moment as it comes, but take time to think ahead as to what they would do, when that day comes.

It’s just like humans do with care and funeral plan so that they can emotionally and mentally prepare for that eventuality.

People often ask if my gift extends to humans too, and it does, but I much prefer animals.

I’m not sure if my namesake has any pets, but I’d love to bring her in for a session.

Especially because we don’t live too far from each other – we’ve even had the same makeup artist for a TV appearance!

What does make me smile that a Jackie Weaver became well-known for an argument that was quite negative, whereas this Jackie Weaver is known for her positive work.

You can find out more about Jackie here and here books can be found here.

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