I love the name I picked for my baby boy but people say it sounds like a pet dog or someone from Mamma Mia, I’m gutted

A MUM sort help with her baby name as she picked a unique moniker for her newborn… and people weren’t impressed.

Some suggested it suited a dog better while others thought it was a character from Abba musical Mamma Mia.

The parent asked if Sky would be a good name for their baby boy


The parent asked if Sky would be a good name for their baby boyCredit: Getty

The mum asked whether she could use the name Sky or Skylar for a boy and people had strong opinions.

Responding on Mumsnet, one person said: “Technically yes, is it advisable? Absolutely not.”

Another said: “I think people call their dogs of either sex Sky.”

A third said: “You can, but you shouldn’t.”

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And another said: “Why not I guess, but I wouldn’t.”

And another person said: “Nopety nope nope nope. Poor kid.”

One suggested an alternative: “I wouldn’t want to call a child/pet Skyler.

“Call a boy Sky? Theoretically, but why would you so that to him. Guy sounds similar and is nice.”

Another person pointed out the Abba connection, saying: “Sky(e) is the name of Sophie’s boyfriend in Mama Mia.

“Isn’t their a female Skye in Paw Patrol?

“I think I wouldn’t use it for a boy for this reason because for little kids this is probably the only place they hear the name. You don’t really hear it for boys.”

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But not everyone was so negative with a few thinking it was a good choice for the child.

One person said: “Yes, I know a boy called this. It might be spelt as in the Scottish Island though – Skye.

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“It’s a nice name, it’s his name. It’s really not a problem.”

While another simply said: “Don’t see why not.”


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