"I love taking a song and throwing a new context at it': 'Us' director Jordan Peele on revising killer tune 'I Got 5 on It'

It will never sound the same again

Jordan Peele has explained the reason for using the tune from Luniz’s song ‘I Got 5 On It’ in his new horror film, Us.

The director, celebrated for his 2018 Oscar-winning film Get Out, spoke to NME about the use of an orchestral version of Luniz’s 1995 rap hit in his latest work, the premise of which is a home invasion with a twist.

“The riff reminded me of Nightmare on Elm Street,” Peele said. “I love taking a song and throwing a new context at it.”

Referring to some other melodies played about with in the film, Peele added: “there’s some iconic music that I think is now changed.”

In an another video interview with Lupita Nyong’o, who plays Adelaide Wilson/Red in the movie, told NME that she enjoys working with Peele because he encourages a totally collaborative environment.

Us is in cinemas now

“I have to understand the logic of character and I have to work from a place of truth despite the fact that it’s make-believe,” she said.

“So I would just ask these tough questions [about her characters] and [Peele] really respected that.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Nyong’o joked that “all family holidays are like Hawaii” after the one detailed in Us.

NME’s Dan Stubbs reviewed the film last week. “As horror conceits go, it’s a deeply creepy one – especially when Nyong’o’s ‘red’ mother begins speaking, unleashing a pained, guttural, dusty drawl,” he wrote.

“Horror films can often be seen as a doss job for a Hollywood star – if ever there’s a time to phone in a performance, it’s there – but Nyong’o gives it the full Oscar-winner effort, shaping out two fully rounded characters: the mother and her evil alter-ego.”


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