I have the most embarrassing name just because my mum loved a song in the 80s  – 99% of my life is spent explaining it

A WOMAN has shared how after spending ”99 per cent of her life” explaining her name she’s decided to change it.

Although we don’t really have much say on our names at the time of birth, we can always change the moniker later in life – which is exactly what one woman wants to do.

The woman shared her woes on Reddit, claiming she's spent '99% of her life' explaining her moniker


The woman shared her woes on Reddit, claiming she’s spent ‘99% of her life’ explaining her monikerCredit: Getty
The mum named her Kyrie-E-Leison after the 80s bop by Mr. Mister when she was medicated during a Caesarean


The mum named her Kyrie-E-Leison after the 80s bop by Mr. Mister when she was medicated during a CaesareanCredit: Alamy

The social media user explained how her mum named her Kyrie-E-Leison after the 80s bop by Mr. Mister when she was medicated during a Caesarean.

Sharing her woes on Reddit, she said: “My name is Kyrie-E-Leison.

”That’s my whole first name. Hyphenated and all.”

Whilst the mum may have not thought much of the moniker when naming the tot, the woman explained how her life had essentially become hell.

“It has made it a pain in the a*** to do normal things like get my driver’s license, apply for jobs, etc.”

To avoid the “embarrassment”, especially when meeting new people, the woman has been sticking to the name Kyrie – however, she claimed that people often pronounce this incorrectly too.

“I’ve spent 99 per cent of my life explaining my name. It’s not pronounced Kai-Ree btw, it’s pronounced Key-Ree.

”I didn’t know how to spell my full name until 3rd grade.

”My middle name is Dusk. My sister’s middle name is Day, and my mother’s middle name is Dawn.”

Commenting on the post, one Redditor said: “I know someone else named Kyrie (kee-ree-ay, like the prayer/Mr Mister song), I think it’s actually nice-sounding as name, but the hyphens seem like they’d be cumbersome!

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”Have you ever considered just changing it to Kyrie Eleison?”

Another user chimed in: “My name is Valkyrie and I go by Kyrie, pronounced like yours.”

Someone else said: “One of my old bosses had a daughter named Kyrie, pronounced kee-ree-ay.

”She told me it was ‘like the song.’ I have never heard this song and I am older than her daughter.

”I have no idea what y’all are referencing, but somehow, pronouncing Kyrie as kee-ree-ay seems like way less of a burden than whatever the heck your full name is!”

Are Unique Baby Names Worth The Hassle?

Fabulous’ Deputy Editor reveals the turmoil she faced with her own name while growing up.

When I was a child, all I wanted was one of those personalised keyrings with my name on it.

But no joy, the closest I could find was Rosie, Joseph (not great for a little girl) and Joanne.

Josie is short for Josephine, which is a French name, and I managed to reach my 20s without ever meeting anyone who shared it.

When I try to introduce myself to people, I get all sorts of random things – like Tracey and Stacey – which can be pretty annoying.

Although I have come into contact with a couple of Josies over the last year – there seems to be a few of us around my age – it’s still a much rarer name than most of my friends have.

On the whole I don’t mind it, at least it’s not rude or crazily spelt.

And it means I can get away with ‘doing a Cheryl’ and just referring to myself as Josie.

I’m getting married this year and some friends are shocked that I’m changing my surname, as it’s not seen as very cool or feminist to do so these days, but I explain to them that I’m not that attached to Griffiths as I’d always just say ‘hi it’s Josie’ when ringing a mate up.

I think it’s nice to be unique and I’ll definitely try and replicate this when naming my own kids.

It’s the rude names you’ve got to watch out for, so after nine years as a lifestyle journalist I’ll definitely be avoiding those.

The inspiration behind the moniker – Mr. Mister

Mr. Mister had some of the most popular ballads of the 1980s.

The USA-based rock band formed in 1982, and found incredible success with massive international hits with the songs Broken Wings, Kyrie and Is It Love.

Unfortunately for the fans – including Kyrie’s mum – the band had parted ways by 1990 and have not performed live together since.

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