I have ten kids & I make them do daily chores but people say my three-year-old needs a raise

A MOTHER of ten children has revealed the daily household chores they help with.

Parents Alicia and Josh Dougherty, from Pittsford, New York, shared the different chores they task their kids to do to help around the house.

Alicia and Josh's ten children often help with some daily chores


Alicia and Josh’s ten children often help with some daily choresCredit: Tik Tok/doughertydozen

In a TikTok video posted to their account, Dougherty Dozen, Alicia revealed how her children help her manage the chaos of having a large family.

The video has been viewed over nine million times, the mum-of-ten has adopted six children and as well as having four biological children of her own.

In the video, she breaks down by age, what chores her children help out with.

She explained that her eldest son, who is 15-year-old helps to vacuum, her 14-year-old son helps clean the table after meals and her 13-year-old son helps to take out the rubbish.

Her ten-year-old daughter helps tidy the sensory gym, and her nine-year-old daughter helps take out the recycling.

Her seven-year-old son helps to set the table for mealtimes and her other seven-year-old son helps to tidy up the family room, whilst her other seven-year-old son helps to tidy up the playroom after a busy day playing with his sibling.

Her five-year-old son helps to put away any condiments after they have had dinner.

Her three-year-old daughter, she jokingly implies, has the busiest schedule out of all her children.

Her daughter loves helping out around the house and she loves joining mum for her day-to-day tasks.

From feeding the family’s dog, walking the dog, cleaning the bathroom, helping mum take their clothes to the laundromat, washing the laundry, drying the laundry.

She even jokes about her youngest sorting their finances at the bank and doing the food shopping.

Followers of the family couldn’t help but laugh at Alicia’s video, one user wrote: “Harlee needs a raise!!”

“I think the three-year-old needs a Union rep….just saying.” Joked another user.

A third user commented: “The three-year-old is basically a mom at that point.”

Harlee often helps her parents write cheques and sorts the family's finances


Harlee often helps her parents write cheques and sorts the family’s financesCredit: Tik Tok/doughertydozen

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