I got my kids a bumper pack of loo roll to play with instead of £50 Lego – trolls say I just want to spend on myself

MANY parents will be wondering how to occupy the kids over the festive period, especially after the excitement of new toys wears off.

One mum has decided to save her pennies though and has bought her kids a bumper back of loo roll to play with – much to the shock of others on social media.

Hannah has been sharing the surprising parenting hack on social media.


Hannah has been sharing the surprising parenting hack on social media.Credit: Tiktok – @hannahhomeeducates
The mum was shocked by how much her kids loved the household item.


The mum was shocked by how much her kids loved the household item.Credit: Tiktok – @hannahhomeeducates

Whilst most kids want the latest action figure or a Barbie dream house to play with, Hannah insists that her kids got more fun from the humble loo roll.

Though you’d think the kids would pour water on this idea, the home schooler explained how effective this cheap toy was – with a mountain of loo rolls scattered around the hallway.

Her kids had even crafted extra items to go with their ‘palace’, which were seen in the now viral video.

“I could have spent £50 quid on some Lego…” she told her fans, as she proudly showed off her kids’ handiwork.

The influencer continued: “This pack of toilet roll [though]…they built it into a pyramid, threw stuff at it, knocked it down, turned it into a palace…I don’t really know what’s going on with it now.”

Hannah also gushed about the ‘hours of peace and quiet’ she’d had thanks to the kids being absorbed in their loo roll leisure time.

“I’m not saying wrap it up and give it to them as a present, but just have it in the house during the winter months when you can’t go outside as much,” she explained, adding: “Hours of peace and quiet guys.”

The mum even claimed that this household item was ‘better than toys’ in the caption as she shared the parenting hack.

With the clip rapidly gaining over 210,000 views on the app though, some have claimed that the kids were getting a bum deal.  

Unsurprisingly, the make-do mum has come under fire for her thrifty ways – with cruel trolls even arguing that Hannah was spend the extra money on herself.

Commenting on another video, one viewer even pointedly wrote: “I find it crazy because you obviously have the money to spend on make up and to have your nails done…”

Other mums were shocked that Hannah’s children weren’t more destructive with the makeshift toy.

Another added: “My kids would have it all unrolled and broken into a million tiny pieces.”

However, there were plenty of impressed parents who’d had similar experiences with their children.

“I remember when we had an empty fridge packing box in the house for a few weeks – I swear the kids played with it more than any other toy,” revealed a third user.

One even admitted to shelling out on Christmas presents, despite knowing that their little one would be more interested in the packaging.

“We’ve gone big for our son this year and I just know he’s gonna be playing with the bubble wrap and boxes the most,” they joked.

It seems you really can tighten your belt and keep the kids entertained with this loo roll hack!

The mum was pleased her kids didn't poo-poo the idea.


The mum was pleased her kids didn’t poo-poo the idea.Credit: Tiktok – @hannahhomeeducates
Hannah's little ones even handmade items for their 'palace'.


Hannah’s little ones even handmade items for their ‘palace’.Credit: Tiktok – @hannahhomeeducates