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‘I get paid to get p**sed’ Shaun Ryder lifts the lid on Celebrity Gogglebox antics

Shaun Ryder, 58, has shared how he gets “paid to get p**sed” as he partakes in popular reality series Celebrity Gogglebox, alongside close friend and fellow Happy Mondays singer Mark ‘Bez’ Berry. The star revealed to Express.co.uk that being a part of the Channel 4 show is a “dream job” as he loves watching TV and forgets the camera is even rolling at times.

Speaking on his Gogglebox stint, Shaun said: “God, it’s great. I get paid to get p**sed and shout at the tele. 

“It’s one of my favourite hobbies, watching movies. So pretty much a dream job, really, and with my best mate.”

Although the cameras are placed in participants homes to capture their every reaction as they digest the week’s TV listings, the 58-year-old says he tends to forget they are even there.

He continued: “We don’t even think about the cameras. We can’t see them anyway. 

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“We’re like an old married couple. You can just say whatever because it’s not live, they can edit it or bleep it or whatever.”

Previously, fellow Celebrity Gogglebox star Gyles Brandreth has also spoken on the various treats offered to the showbiz names on the programme.

Gyles divulged: “They come to your house at the beginning and they set up the camera in the room and then go away for two months.

“The cameras are permanently in the room and you genuinely forget they are there, they’re small discreet cameras.

“So these little sweetmeats arrive and they like you to be seen bringing it in and you can hear that little chit-chat and then you have the snacks together. It’s great fun.”

Meanwhile, stars of the non-celebrity Gogglebox, who appear weekly on the programme, have revealed it isn’t as glamorous as you might think.

According to The Sun, the best perk stars reportedly get is free takeaways while watching the shows, which are a mixture of live broadcasts and recorded programmes.

And food has to keep contributors going for two six-hour shifts a week, which each family is required to take part in.


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