'I found my husband's texts to other women on our family iPad – but I'm not leaving him'

A wife and mother has shared how her husband has been unfaithful in their marriage at least three times and she has proof – but despite all he’s done, she’s still staying with him

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If there’s one thing that can destroy a marriage, it’s infidelity.

Having an affair and crossing that line breaks the vow you took and shatters the trust your partner has in your relationship.

And once you take away the trust, it can be incredibly difficult to get it back.

However, one woman has admitted her husband has cheated on her multiple times and she’s caught him doing it – but despite knowing this, she plans to stay with him.

The unnamed wife, from the US, has been sharing her story on TikTok in a series of posts under the username @our.broken.marriage.

She details the times her husband has been unfaithful and tells how she wants to make the marriage work, so they have started counselling.

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In one of the first videos uploaded to the account, she explains: “So I’ve been with my husband about 11 years and about ten years ago he went to Vegas and hooked up with a girl and sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

“That followed him home and I found out about it and I told him this can never happen again, I deserve better, I expect better. If you’re not happy in a relationship please leave.

“I thought that was that we moved on from that and there were obviously moments of jealousy or thoughts or questions in my head over the years about whether or not he was being faithful, but he always reassured me that you know, that was a one time instance.

“About five years ago he reconnected with a friend from high school and they started flirtatiously texting and it got to the point where like they were making plans to escape and run away together. I found the text messages on Thanksgiving Day. It was devastating.”

She continues to say how hard it was to know her suspicions had been valid, but once again they agreed to stay together and work things out and they later welcomed two daughters, aged two and five months.

She found text messages on their family iPad to another woman


TikTok / our.broken.marriage)

However, the mum was left heartbroken once again, when a few weeks ago she discovered her husband had been at it once again.

While her daughter had been playing on the family iPad, she accidentally came across her dad’s messages to another woman – which included a topless photo.

She added: “I thought that we were over this and as of this past Tuesday I found out we weren’t.

“I realised that while my husband’s out of town, his text messages sync up to our family iPad. So I was able to deep dive and I’m pretty disappointed by what I found… he betrayed me.”

The couple have since started marriage counselling and the wife says she is sharing their story online not for ‘fame’ but in the hopes it helps others who might be dealing with a similar situation.

“It’s really isolating,” she says. “You feel like you’re alone, like you’re the only person in your circle that’s ever gone through this.

“I could be you, I could be your parents, I could be your siblings or your best friend, I could be your enemy, your co-worker, a stranger on the street, this kind of s**t happens to everybody.

“I’m just here to give you the opposite of a highlight reel, I’m here to keep it real.”

She adds: “If you’re going through trying to rebuild your marriage after you’ve crashed and burned, you are not alone.”

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