‘I don’t see the point’ mum starts heated debate by judging others for slapping make-up on for the school run

A WOMAN has started a fiery debate on what’s appropriate for mums to wear on the school run.

Despite there not being a dress code for parents to take their kids to school, some clearly believe there should be.

A heated debate has started on mum's who put make-up on for the school run


A heated debate has started on mum’s who put make-up on for the school runCredit: Getty

The anonymous mum took to social media asking why some bother to get dressed up just to get their children to school.

Despite saying she wasn’t judging anybody, but people who saw the post didn’t take it that way.

The mum said: “Make-up and Dress Code for the School Run: Necessary or Not?”

” I’m not judging anyone; I’m genuinely interested in why some moms choose this approach.”

She revealed she wasn’t sure why anyone would unless they had work straight after.

The mum added: “Other than the mums who go straight to work or have appointments right after, do any of you bother with makeup and put effort into dressing up for the school run?

“Especially if you’re just heading back home afterwards?”

The matriarch went on to explain that she always makes sure to look presentable ‘I always make sure I’m showered and dressed neatly each morning.’

But she didn’t bother with make-up explaining: ‘I don’t see the point in applying makeup when it seems unnecessary.”

She went on to say she usually wore leggings or jeans with a T-shirt as she didn’t have the time to get dolled up.

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Despite her insisting she wasn’t judging mums who did put make-up on, lots of Mumsnet users took offence and said she was definitely having a dig at them.

One person wrote: “Why does it matter to you? Getting dressed and wearing make up makes me feel ready for the day, even if I’m not working or going out.

“Fine if you would rather not, I couldn’t care less. Always love the more judgey posts start with ‘I’m not judging…'”

Another commented: “Does it matter? I really don’t think out here in the actual real world anybody cares in the slightest what other parents are wearing.”

Is there a school run dress code?

While students and teachers have strict dress codes and uniform policies in the UK, there is nothing in place for parents.

Heading to your local school, you’ll see a mixed bag of mums who like to dress up for the occasion and others who have rolled out of bed in their pyjamas.

While there’s no set policy for parents, there is of course a limit to what you can wear without raising a few eyebrows.

Bikinis and dressing gowns are bound to turn heads, but at the end of the day it’s up to you.

“What does it matter? I like wearing a bit of make up, I feel like I’ve properly got up and dressed and ready for the day. It takes five minutes,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “You absolutely are judging. Come on now…”

“Maybe they work the night shift and have just rolled out of bed, you don’t know and shouldn’t judge. Yet you are despite saying you aren’t,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: “I don’t leave the house without some makeup due to lifelong acne – maybe I should be fine with having it all on show but I’m not. Not interested in anyone’s judgement.”

The mum double downed replying to people’s comments, writing: I’m not suggesting that everyone should be doing a catwalk, but it would be sensible to wear something more appropriate than clothes that look like one has just rolled out of bed.”

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