'I don't have to give Solskjær support,' says Guardiola: weekend countdown – live!

“This is one of the things which I don’t like. We played Midtjylland, it was freezing cold, we had three or four decisions and altogether it was 10/12 minutes and it was really cold. Of course, with all the things, how it’s dealt with now, why would somebody say: ‘that’s brilliant?’”

“We wait always, we stop celebrating after goals and wait constantly about everything. We have less than millimetre offside decisions. A lot of things are not like before – that’s the truth. But I said, when it first came up, the idea of VAR I was rather in favour of it, to be honest. Because I thought, yes, right decisions would be nice. Not sure we all thought it through properly – how long will it take to get a right decision? How much will that take away from a game which we loved before?


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