'I destroyed my family when a present I gave to my dad uncovered a dark secret'

A well-meaning gesture has threatened to tear a family apart after it may have revealed a dark secret which was taken to the grave.

One member of the family said they had always been curious over their ancestry and never had the opportunity to question their grandparents about their past.

Their mum passed away in 2017, but it had always been a running joke in the family that they had very dark brown eyes, and both their mum and dad had bright blue eyes.

“We all know from high school biology that kind of mix shouldn’t lead to that kind of result,” they said. “Of course, if you have further education in biology you’ll know that it’s possible, just not wholly probable.”

Keen to know more about their family history, they purchased two ancestry kits – one for themselves and one for their dad.

They got a test for their dad as well to compare the results

They finally got round to doing them and the offspring linked their account to their dads so they could compare their results immediately.

“Once I saw our results had come back, I went in and checked out our comparisons and my heart just dropped. ‘YOUR GENETIC RELATIONSHIP: We do not detect shared DNA between you and [the dad]’.

“‘This means you likely do not share ancestors in the last four generations’.

“My parents were married for 17 years before they had me. They were married for over 40 years before my mum passed. They had a wonderfully beautiful marriage, and to this day my dad still brags that they never fought over anything.”

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The dad refuses to believe the results

When they rang their dad in tears to tell him the results, he refused to believe them and was adamant no ‘funny business’ had ever taken place.

“I haven’t been able to sleep since I found this all out,” they added. “I still love the man I’ve called dad my whole life more than anything.

“He’s been there for me more than anybody, through all of the most difficult and trying times of my 30 years of living.

“I love my dad and I love my mum. But where did I come from?”

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Advice for parents

The post received hundreds of comments on Imgur, as one simply replied: “Still your dad.”

Another advised: “I’d go to the doc and have you and your dad officially tested by a geneticist before throwing in the towel on this one. Kits can be faulty.”

A third commented: “Keep perspective… biological dad and real dad… which would you rather have?”

They replied to say: “Definitely the man I have in my life right now. He’s the one whose shoulder I cried on tonight, and who has been there for me for 30 years.”


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