‘I can’t trust my mum to look after my baby son anymore’

Mother with her newborn baby in the hospital
The couple reached out for her childcare whilst renovating (Picture: Getty Images)

After falling out over childcare, a woman has told her mum that she can longer be trusted to watch her three-month-old son.

The 25-year-old new mum asked her mother, his grandmother, to watch him for two days whilst she and her husband carried out some renovations on their house.

Doing the work on the house themselves in a bid to save money, the couple reached out to the grandmother as they couldn’t afford to hire professional childcare.

‘She lives over two hours away, so it was easier for him to just stay with her’, the mum’s Reddit post read.

However, the grandmother ran out of pumped breast milk whilst feeding him and so replaced it with formula without consulting her daughter. She then attempted to downplay what happened next.

‘His belly did not react well to the formula and he spent the whole night screaming. When I asked her how he did the first night, she said he was “just a little fussy”’, the mother’s post continued.

‘She also argued that she was doing me a favour by watching my son for free’ (Picture: Getty Images)

‘My grandma suggested that my mom put corn syrup in his bottle to help him poop, and instead of asking me or looking up the risks, she just did it.’

She found out the next day, and she was angry.

‘I told my mom I didn’t appreciate her giving my baby something new without looking up the side effects or asking me first, and she was really defensive. She told me I was overreacting, and that her and my grandma know more than me because I’ve “only been a mom for 3 months.”

‘She also argued that she was doing me a favour by watching my son for free, and that if he’s in her care, she ultimately has final say about what to do and I need to trust her judgement and not be ungrateful.

‘I told her that I can’t trust her to watch my son anymore because she is too comfortable exposing him to new things without my consent, and just admitted that she’s comfortable hiding things from me by saying “at least I told you.”’

The comments mostly branded the new mum in the right – and her mother in the wrong.

‘She’s damn lucky this didn’t cause him more serious problems. They’ve been mothers longer, but you’ve been your son’s mother his entire life, and you know him better than anybody’, one wrote.

‘This wasn’t an emergency situation where she couldn’t spare precious minutes trying to reach you’, another added.

‘If she can’t let go of her pride enough to admit she made a mistake in not reaching out to you first and to admit that best practice when it comes to infant care has changed…then no, she can’t be trusted.’

‘You had every right to pull the plug if you felt your mom was putting your son’s health at risk’, someone else wrote. ‘Trust takes time to rebuild.’

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