I Broke Up with Agent Money Transfer – This Is How It Repaid Me

I Broke Up with Agent Money Transfer

We are living in a modern era, the world has become a global village. You can communicate with a person living in another country. Not only this, traveling to other countries has become very easy. So when people find out better job opportunities or better facilities in other countries they move living behind their family or friends. Moreover, some people have business in other countries also. In both these cases, they require money transfer services to support their families or to send money to their business partners. If you want to send money to the Philippines from the UK you need to be very careful because there are online frauds.

Money Transfer Scam

You need to find out a trusted agent for transferring money otherwise you may lose your money just like my friend. He told me that he had to send money urgently to his mother living in another state. So he decided to take money transfer services. He was unaware of some trusted websites and companies offering money transfer services. And he was too busy to visit a bank moreover he thought that banks are an expensive option and are not fast enough. He saw an ad of a service provider company. They were charging low transfer fees and providing a quick transfer. So he took their services. But at the end of the day, he came to know that money did not reach the destination. His mother did not get money and that the company was a scam.

What is Best for You?

So to avoid such a situation it would be better for you to do a little research before considering any money transfer service provider. Otherwise, you may end up having trouble. According to my research, there are two options that are best for you, online bank transfer and trusted online money transfer companies.

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Online Bank Transfer

Online money transfer through banks is a good option. It is a secure way and money is transferred instantly to the bank account of the beneficiary. You just need a good internet connection, a setup with bank and bank account information of the beneficiary. Most banks also have a mobile application that you can install on your phone and transfer money using this application. In the case of transferring money abroad, a bank may charge a high transfer fee and offer a low exchange rate, you need to be aware of it.

Trusted Online Money Transfer Companies

Trusted online money transfer companies are good to consider if you choose them wisely. There are a lot of companies offering money transfer services including ACE Money transfers. These companies offer you good exchange rates if you want to send money abroad. Moreover, they charge you a low transfer fee. Some companies do not charge anything when you make the transfer within the country. Not all companies are alike so it would be better to compare different companies before you choose one on the basis of exchange rates, transfer fees, and customer services. Choose the company that suits your needs and only pay for the service you need actually.

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