Hypnotherapist tricks to 'think yourself thin' in 2020 and ditch fad diets

New year’s resolutions tend to revolve around healthier living and losing weight – and most fail.

Only one in ten stick it out, ­according to a major study.

But you don’t need a gym membership or mad diet in 2020 – you can think yourself thin, hypnotherapist Steve Dell claims.

He says: “Changing yourself can be difficult without the right understanding of how our brains work. The primitive part looks out for our survival and is an ­element very resistant to change. It views change as dangerous.

“It’s doing its job to protect us but when it comes to a resolution like losing weight, it can get in the way. People stuck in ­behavioural patterns, for ­instance overeating, are operating out of their ­primitive brain.”

He claims you can quieten the primitive brain, allowing the ­conscious, good-­decision-making part, to take charge.

Hypnotherapist Steve Dell claims you can quieten the primitive brain, allowing the good-decision-making part, to take charge

Do a deal

The battle between your ­primitive and conscious brain is one of supremacy, Steve says.

Once you are aware of that, you can address it to work in your favour. So make a deal with your primitive brain.

When you are on a diet and cake is calling, you want to stick to your goals but you are drawn to a slice. That is your primitive brain ­resisting change.

Make a deal out loud or write it down. Tell your primitive brain: “Thanks for the suggestion but I know eating cake is a bad idea, and I am in control. I’ll have a slice on my treat day instead.”

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Learn to relax

Stress makes our primitive brain active. Relaxation helps reassure it you are OK

Quietening our evolutionary brain is no easy task as many factors impact how active our survival mode is.

Stress makes our primitive brain active. So you need to ­reassure it you are OK. Relaxation is how you get there.

If the stressor is something you can eliminate, do so now. If the cause is not easily removed, you need to work on calming your body and mind.

Body scanning is a short and effective guided meditation to do that. Practice this as many times as possible a day. The more you do it, the quieter your ­primitive brain becomes.

Give it a go

Young Woman Eating Mixed Vegetables
If you are not in control of your life, your diet will fail too

Lie down or sit in a quiet room. Close your eyes and picture a colour you like. Imagine it as a gentle, warm mist and breathe it in.

Allow it to enter your body, making you feel warm and calm from your head to your toes.

Soon you will be able to access this ­relaxing feeling by simply taking a deep breath and ­tapping into your colour.

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The bigger picture

Trying to diet without addressing other losses of control in your life will lead to failure. If you are not in control of your life, your diet will inevitably fail too.

Use your conscious brain to make decisions that are good for you. Let go of a toxic friend, look for a job that makes you happy – these things will help your sense of security.

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