Huge dog and tiny baby pony are best friends who love giving each other kisses

So pure, so good (Picture: Caters)

Meet Shetland foal Sutton and five-year-old Newfoundland dog Dom, who have become inseparable best buds since meeting just days ago.

Four-month-old Sutton met Dom on September 19, from which point they were instantly smitten with each other.

The pair have taken to giving each other kisses, grooming each other, taking naps together, eating together and going for strolls near their home in Hexham, Northumberland.

Owner Emma Bone, 33, who runs licenced show kennel Newfangled Newfoundlands, has a whopping eight Newfoundland dogs with her husband Mark, 40.

Out of all of the dogs, it was Dom who shared an instant connection with little Sutton.

Emma said: ‘We aren’t quite sure if Sutton thinks Dom is a horse, or if Sutton thinks he is a dog, or maybe a bit of both.

No, it is you who are crying (Picture: Caters)

‘Sutton chatters to him and every time I step outside to go to Sutton, Dom is right there beyond excited, running back and forth to tell me to take him to see his buddy.

‘You can tell Sutton gets excited when he sees Dom coming too.’

Just a little kiss between friends (Picture: Caters)

The pair love hanging out with each other, even going on lead walks together.

The mum-of-three said: ‘It has been amazing, and it makes my heart so happy to see them together.’

It seems there’s something special about Dom, at least in Sutton’s eyes, because the little guy ‘only has eyes for his buddy Dom’.

Emma said: ‘We can’t wait to continue to see how their bond strengthens and grows’ (Picture: Caters)

‘It is completely extraordinary,’ said Emma. ‘We can’t wait to continue to see how their bond strengthens and grows.

‘So while I have always wanted a pony, it turns out that we seem to have acquired another pony-sized dog.

‘We are smitten, as is Dom.’

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