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How Video Games Can Help Addicted Players –

The world has caught the online gambling bug. All over the planet, every day people are discovering the fun and excitement of online gambling, be it sports betting, betting on horses, playing bingo or the lottery, or just playing casino games of chance.

While most people can gamble with nary an issue, there is a small portion of the world’s population that is vulnerable to gambling addiction. To be clear, all addictions are diseases. They have no cure. The best any addict can hope for is to arrest their addiction and render it dormant for the rest of their lives.

Thinking about the effects gambling addiction has on people’s lives, their families, and even their communities, it is worth contemplating ways problem gamblers can get past their addiction. Did you know playing video games can help punters?

How Video Games Can Help Addicted Punters

Given what is transpiring within the online gambling industry in the last couple of years, the gap between video gaming and online gambling is closing. Software developers are actually creating online gambling games that feature interactive components that emulate playing a video game. One such game is called “Aviator” with more coming in the very near future.

With the gap closing, it brings to mind that maybe problem gamblers could figure out a way to transition away from their gambling habits and start playing more video games with no money on the line. After contemplating how this might work, here are two thoughts on how video games might solve a compulsive gambling problem.

It’s About the Action

One of the biggest misconceptions about gambling addiction is addicts are in it for the money. That is absolutely false. The reality is most compulsive gamblers see money as nothing more than a disposable commodity. Time and again, gambling addicts will make clear that their attraction to gambling is a lot more about the action and not the money. For a true gambling addict, no win is big enough. Eventually, they need the action to feel alive.

When we say action, we are referring to the adrenaline rush compulsive gamblers get when they are placing bets, win or lose. It’s that adrenaline rush of euphoria that drives the addiction.

If a compulsive gambler can get that same rush from playing video games, it’s quite possible they will be willing to substitute one for the other. Given gambling addicts have an incurable disease, is it possible they would become addicted to video games? Of course, it’s possible. With that said, that might not be a horrible thing. While every addiction has the potential of being extremely destructive, there is something to be said about how a video gaming addiction won’t create as many financial problems. Instead of a compulsive gambler spending all of their time looking for casinos that are not on GamStop available in the UK, they can spend time trying to win a war.

It’s About Distraction

In almost all cases of gambling addiction, the problem gambler is living with a big hole inside of their soul. The hole is often created by boredom and mental or emotional problems that leave the problem gambler seeking refuge in a casino or online gambling site. They are looking for something, anything to distract them from what they perceive is the horrors of their life.

If it’s about distraction, it would be difficult to argue against the notion that video gaming is a great distraction. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. If someone is engrossed in a shooter game where other players are trying to kill them, there wouldn’t be much time for them to worry about making that next bet.

Along those lines, 12 Step programs and counselors will often tell problems gamblers that they need distractions to occupy their time while they work through their issues. There is no denying a few hours of playing a video game can be very distracting. If you have a gambling problem, you need to get help. At the same time, it might help to get a new hobby. You could do far worse than picking up video gaming as a substitute for wrecking your financial life while gambling. Who knows? You might find you have a talent as a gamer, something that might help fill the hole and give you confidence.


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