Something strange is happening with cardigans right now. We have sprinted past the moment when they were the limp cousin of the jumper, worn only if one wanted to signal a love of secondhand paperbacks. Now, in an era of aggressive layering, the associations of feyness have faded and the cardigan has become an essential part of a man’s winter wardrobe.

Worn over a T-shirt or a shirt – and with large thanks to Gucci and Harry Styles, Tyler, the Creator and Brian Cox in Succession – wearing the cardigan is now (dundundun!) cool.

Coolcardie™ nods towards the Ivy Look (the 50s preppy and freshly groomed look; see actor Steve McQueen). But in its boldest iteration, when rendered in strong colours by Marni or Bottega Veneta, it takes a step up from layered piece to statement piece.

Today I’ve gone for The Statement Cardie: maroon with pockets, over a jumper. As with a shirt, all buttons done up is a good way to wear it (it looks a bit too slouchy otherwise). Preppy is nice, but the Coolcardie™ is all about changing up the traditional ways a cardigan is worn. You should avoid wearing it with a shoe that’s too smart (unless you want to go full Jude Law in The Talented Mr Ripley). A stacked trainer or even a Converse looks good here.

Do I like it? The moment I place my hands in the pockets, there’s a definitely a hygge vibe; I feel centred and peaceful. It hangs snugly, like wearing a cloud (see also: duvet jackets and tracksuit bottoms). I can see that Coolcardie™ and I will be friends for quite a while..

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