How to Watch Malignant: Where to Watch James Wan’s Horror Movie

He ruled the roads with Furious 7 and explored the depths of Atlantis in Aquaman, but James Wan finally has a new horror movie with Malignant. The filmmaker behind hit horror franchises Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring is finally getting spooky again, for the first time since 2016’s The Conjuring 2, and delivering audiences an all-new original horror movie. New Line and Warner Bros. did a stellar job of keeping this movie’s secrets ahead of its debut, but we do know that it stars a familiar Conjuring-verse face, with Annabelle Wallis (Annabelle) playing a woman who is “paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment worsens as she discovers that these waking dreams are in fact terrifying realities.” Intriguing! And trust me, if you don’t know what happens in Malignant, you’re going to want to enjoy the surprise.

You can learn all of Malignant‘s secrets when the film arrives in the US on September 10, but you might be wondering where exactly you can watch it. Between streaming, PVOD, and the COVID-era theatrical restrictions, movie releases have grown increasingly unpredictable in recent years – point and case, Universal held Halloween Kills for over a year to release it theatrically, only to announce it’s getting a day-and-date release date on Peacock a month before it comes out! You just never know, but not to worry, we’ve got you covered with a complete guide on how to watch Malignant right now.

Editor’s Note: This post was last updated on October 22 to include the latest streaming information, VOD details, and when it’s coming to Blu-ray and DVD.

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Is Malignant Streaming?


Image via Warner Bros.

As of October 17, Malignant is no longer streaming on HBO Max, but there’s good news: it will be back! Malignant was originally released on HBO Max the sam day it arrived in theaters, on September 10, and was initially available to stream for 31 days.

Many of Warner Bros. day-and-date HBO Max debuts have already cycled back to the streaming service, including Wonder Woman 1984, Godzilla vs. Kong, and Mortal Kombat, all of which made their HBO Max return about 20 weeks after their initial day-and-date theatrical/streaming debut. So if you miss Malignant during the initial streaming window, you’ll probably have a chance to watch it on HBO Max again in about four to five months.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the film at home right now!

Can You Buy or Rent Malignant on VOD?

Annabelle Wallis in Malignant

Image via Warner Bros.

Thanks to an early release on Digital and Premium VOD, there were only a few days there where you couldn’t watch Malignant at home – which is great news during spooky season since it’s easily one of the best horror moves of the year.

As of October 22, is available for purchase from Ditigal and VOD retailers for $24.99. You can also rent the film for 48-hour rental via PVOD for $19.99 on participating digital platforms.

Is Malignant on Blu-ray and DVD?

Not just yet, but the wait is almost over. Malignant will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD on November 30. Unfortunately, the bonus features are extremely trim, but honestly, it’s probably still worth getting because Gabriel deserves a place in all of our homes.

Here’s what we know about the lone special feature on this initial home video release:

  • Malignant: James Wan’s Visions – Groundbreaking filmmaker James Wan takes us behind the scenes for a look at his latest film, Malignant, a genre-bending thriller

Is Malignant Playing in Theaters?


Image via Warner Bros.

Maybe, depending on where you live. If you prefer the big screen experience and feel safe going to your local cinema, Malignant arrived in theaters on September 10, and with theatrical windows diminishing in the pandemic era, it might already have left theaters in smaller markets. However, if you live in a major city, there’s still a shot you can catch the film at some second-run theaters.

Malignant is one of the films included in Warner Bros. unprecedented pandemic-era decision to sidestep traditional distribution windows with hybrid theatrical and streaming debuts on the same day. You can check out the rest of the movies getting day-and-date streaming releases here.

With COVID cases still surging nationwide, be sure to double-check your local safety guidelines and any theatrical policies before you buy your tickets.

Is The Conjuring on HBO Max?


Image via Warner Bros.

Yes, indeed. If you’re in the mood for more of Wan’s scares, both The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 are currently streaming on HBO Max. The recently released third film The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (which saw Michael Chaves step in as director) also just returned to HBO Max on October October 21, and is also available to purchase on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD, as well as available to rent or purchase on most major PVOD providers.

Other James Wan Movies Streaming

HBO Max subscribers can also watch Aquaman on streaming right now, if you need a break from the horror. Well, mostly – there is that excellent and creepy glimpse at The Trench.

If you caught Malignant in theaters and don’t have HBO Max, you can also watch The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 streaming on Netflix right now, as well as Insidious: Chapter 2.

Fans of Wan’s divisive creepy-doll horror movie Dead Silence can stream the film on Peacock right now.

Insidious, Saw, and Death Sentence aren’t currently available on any streaming services, but we’ll update this space if that changes!

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