How to Use Your Anger in a Productive Way

Anger has a bad reputation. People tend to associate being angry with yelling or destroying things. A person who is expressing anger can be viewed as out of control. Some people genuinely have anger issues, while others know how to express their anger productively. If you’re struggling to manage angry feelings in a healthy way, there are actions you can take to help yourself. Here are some healthy ways to deal with angry feelings that don’t hurt yourself or others.

Get Outside and Get Active

When you’re feeling angry, your emotions may be bottled up. One way that you can deal with your anger is to take a break from other people and go outside. Go for a walk or a run. Get outside and breathe some fresh air and get active. Physical activity can help release your angry feelings. You might try kickboxing or martial arts to get your anger out. There’s something therapeutic about breathing fresh air when you’re angry.

Mindfulness and Anger

Sometimes when we’re angry, it’s because we want to control situations that we don’t have any say in, and that causes frustration. Mindfulness is a practice that can help you when you feel out of control. When you feel the rage bubbling within you, try mindfulness. Look around the room and observe five things that you see, four things that you hear, three things that you feel, two things that you can touch, and one thing that you can taste. This is a sensory mindfulness exercise. It can distract you from your angry feelings by getting focused. You will find that you have more ability to cope with your anger after you are grounded.

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Writing can be extremely therapeutic when you’re mad. Whether you write angry poetry or stream of consciousness words, it can be a wonderful way to express your emotions. You don’t have to show your writing to anyone. It’s a cathartic exercise where you can express anything that you need to get out. It can help to write a letter to the person (or situation) making you angry. Your journal is a place for you to feel safe. Anger is that something that needs to be necessarily controlled, but you need an outlet to express it, and that’s what a journal provides.

Creativity and Anger

Some people thrive on being creative when they’re feeling intense emotions, including anger. If you are somebody that loves to be dramatic and enjoys acting, you could read a monologue from a play. You can perform a piece where the character is angry or outraged. Another thing to do would be to sing at the top of your lungs. You could write a song, or you could belt out a tune that helps you express your feelings. Creativity is great when you’re angry.

Talking About Anger in Therapy

You don’t have to feel out of control when you’re mad. You can use it as a time to be productive. If you’re having trouble understanding your anger or want to talk about it more, a therapist can help you learn to process your angry feelings. You can read more about the benefits of therapy and your mental health here. You can see a therapist online or in your local area. Regardless of where they’re located, mental health professionals understand the challenges in anger and want to help you work through it.

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