How to use disguise kit in Fortnite

Resistance is futile (pic: Epic Games)

Fortnite’s latest update begins to move the plot forward, with new features like the hidden disguise kit.

Did you know Fortnite has a story to tell? Usually shown off only in the trailers, the actual game features lots of hidden ways to advance the plot and earn yourself some XP.

Currently, the game is focusing on a war through the weekly ‘Resistance’ quests. These quests involve you completing alternate objectives while also surviving the battle royale at hand – which now has the option of a no building mode.

The disguise kit is needed to complete one of these new quests and while it’s quick to complete it’s a little tricky to get started.

What and where is the disguise kit?

You want to head through the right entrance! (pic:

The disguise kit in Fortnite is an item that spawns near Synapse Station, hidden under some rocks and inside a briefcase. With this, you’ll – as the name describes – disguise yourself!

While disguised, you’ll find that you’ll be forced to use a different melee weapon to complete the look. So make sure you’re not around too many other players while you play around it, or you’ll get caught out while doing this quest.

How to use the disguise kit in Fortnite

Once you’ve located the kit, you’ll need to press the designated use key that appears when you hover the reticule over it.

With yourself disguised, you’ll then want to run immediately into the nearby building, as you’ll now have the schematics you need to place inside Synapse Station.

It’s not far from the disguise kit itself and inside the building it’ll be highlighted by a blue glowing schematic paper on the floor. Place it and you’ll be given some dialogue revolving around the story.

Once used, you’ll also drop the kit and be able to fight as usual.

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