How to track Tombs of the Legionnaires Challenges in Anthem

The Tombs of the Legionnaires mission in Anthem is a doozy, requiring you to complete a total of 15 trials that range from getting 50 melee kills to harvesting material 25 times to access the Tombs of Yvenia, Artinia, Gawnes and Cariff. We’re not huge fans of mid-game grinds like this, but what makes it worse is that there’s no way to track the progress of each challenge in a single place – or is there?

Despite the fact that it’s never pointed out to players, there is a way to track the progress of each tomb challenge without going to each individual tomb door (yes, that’s what we did for a day before we realised!). It’s simple – here’s how.

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How to track Tomb challenges in Anthem

The key to tracking tomb challenge progress is the Cortex, the hub of information that provides context to the vast, complex world of Anthem. But as well as providing background information on various enemies, the history of Bastion and other juicy little tidbits, you can track all kinds of challenges – very handy not only for the tomb challenges but the daily, weekly and monthly challenges you pick up in Fort Tarsis.

Even equipped with this knowledge, it’s hard to locate the tomb challenges within the cortex. To access them, head to Expeditions > Freeplay and there you will see a list of all four tomb challenges.

To get details on a specific challenge, simply click on it. For ease of access, you can also track each challenge and access it via the tracked tab in the base menu of the Cortex.  

It won’t be displayed in the UI like other tracked missions and contracts in Anthem, but it provides an easy way to check the progress of each of those pesky tombs.

Now, where are we supposed to find 15 treasure chests?


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