How to Select the Right Piling Company for Your Project?

How to Select the Right Piling Company for Your Project?

A strong foundation, whether deep or shallow, is essential for any construction project. Piling provides the right structural integrity for deep foundations. Without piling, the stability of a structure will be compromised along with numerous other problems. This is why it’s important to select a reputable company for piling.

The piling company you choose depends on the kind of foundation you require. A deep foundation is necessary when you’re building a structure with more than one storey on poor soil conditions. On the other hand, if you want to improve the integrity of an existing building, mini pilings are better suited.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right piling company for your project:

Experience & Knowledge

Just like it’s true for most industries, many years of experience is a sign of a good company. A company with several years of experience and knowledge is familiar with a variety of projects and has likely worked on some similar to yours. A piling contractor should also be knowledgeable about soil and it’s bearing capacity. 

Since piling is such a concentrated skill, you would be better off with a company that specialises in piling. So hire a company that solely focuses on piling instead of one that offers it as an additional service along with general construction. The contractors at Geobond offer a full design & build service for piles.

Depending on your project, also make sure to check out their track record of working on residential and commercial projects.


The company you’re planning to hire should patiently take you through the entire process. The right company will offer clear and honest communication. The way a company communicates with potential clients is a good determiner of their work ethic.


Some piling companies are notorious for hiring subcontractors to complete projects. While this might not impact the quality of work, it can inflate your final bill. To be on the safer side, choose a piling company that employs its own personnel for projects. You should also inquire if they have the right skills and required training.


The equipment has a direct impact on the quality of work and completion time. Make sure the company you employ has the latest and adequate equipment at their disposal. Without the right equipment, your project will be unnecessarily delayed and it will also adversely impact the soundness of the structure.


There’s no doubt that the price will differ from project to project. While the price is not the only deciding factor, it’s a significant one. So before finalising a company, do your price research and if possible, request a price quote from different companies. This will help you get a better perspective of the current prices. You can also go on public forums or consult experts to help you figure out a price estimate.


Reputed piling companies back the quality of their work with a warranty. A good company will offer a warranty ranging from 5-25 years. If a piling contractor is reluctant to give a warranty, it best to look for another contractor. 

In addition to this, take your time to understand what all is covered under a piling company’s insurance. Does it only insure the piles? Because in such a case, if there’s something wrong with the piling, you’d have to bear the cost of demolition and reconstruction, while the contractor will only be responsible for the piling.

In conclusion, when so much literally relies on setting a strong foundation, you cannot rush the process of choosing a skilled piling contractor. Take your time to find the best piling company for your project. With the help of our tips and proper research, you should be able to find a suitable company.

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