How to Prepare Yourself for a Job Interview

How to Prepare Yourself for a Job Interview

Whether you’ve landed your first ever job interview or you’re looking for a new role, it’s no secret that the job market is overflowing with applicants, so standing out – for the right reasons – at an interview is important.

To help you make the right first impression, we’ve put some simple tips to help you prepare.

Research the Company

Great, your application attracted their attention, but what do you actually know about the company apart from the job description. Researching a bit about the company will help you understand their work culture, their ethos, and how you think you could best fit in with what they offer.

When answering questions at the interview, you can also mention specifics about the company that will show them that you’re as interested in them as they are in you.

Decide What to Wear

Avoid the last minute panic and decide what to wear a day or two before your interview. Check the weather to make sure what you’re wearing is appropriate. The last thing you want is to wear something that’s perfect for a cold day, but you’re wearing it on the hottest day of the year.

And don’t forget to be comfortable. If you don’t normally wear a skirt and heels, or a suit and tie – don’t wear one for the interview unless you know the company has a strict dress-code. Your discomfort will show and could affect your whole interview.

Plan Your Journey

Take the time to work out where your interview is being held and how long it takes to get there. If you’re driving work out where you can park and if you need to pay as well as any restrictions – and always factor in time for a potential traffic jam.

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If you’re travelling by train, find the train times to London, or Leeds, or Manchester – or wherever your interview is being held and make sure you give yourself enough time to get from the station to your interview.

Prepare Some Questions

At the end of every interview most candidates are given an opportunity to ask questions. It is essential that you have prepared some questions ahead of time – and it shouldn’t be about work hours or pay.

This is your last chance for to find out more about the employer, the role, and the workplace, as well as showcasing why you’re the perfect fit.

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