How to Make Your Employees Feel Special This Easter

How to Make Your Employees Feel Special This Easter

Can you believe Easter is nearly here? What a strange year it’s been. Now, more than ever, it’s important to show your employees how much you value them. Easter is a perfect opportunity for you to spread some joy among your workforce. If you’re not sure what you can do, the following ideas should help.

Gift Hampers

A sure-fire way to make your employees feel special is by putting together a hamper for them. Whether you keep it simple with a couple of hot-cross buns and flowers or crammed full of chocolate – the decision is yours. Easter Eggs for sale would be a welcome addition to any gift hamper. Chocolate, gift vouchers, or gourmet food are all fairly safe bets and are bound to be appreciated. Don’t forget to include a personalised card to thank the employee for all their hard work this year.

Get Baking

For lots of people across the country, Easter revolves around baking and sweet treats. So why not share this element with your team? There are lots of options, but here are a couple of favourites. You could do an Easter Dessert Exchange. Each team member bakes a treat at home, presents it online, and then organises non-contact deliveries. Or everyone could try and bake the same thing without a recipe, and see whose turns out the best. The winner could be sent a prize.

Online Activities

There are other online activities you can try, too. After so many video meetings and working from home, Easter could be the perfect chance for you and the team to do something a little bit different. You could do a tech-based Easter egg hunt. Using GPS software, the team can solve clues and hunt for eggs online. Or you could do an Easter-themed quiz. Pick activities you think the team will enjoy the most. 

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Why it’s Important

Rewarding your staff plays an integral in the company’s culture. It benefits everyone involved. Your staff will feel appreciated for their work. It can help boost morale and productivity, which in turn benefits the company. It creates a great working environment, which can help you keep your current team and attract new candidates. This year has been particularly difficult, so it’s important to show your staff how much you value them.

Use this Easter as an opportunity to thank your team for all the hard work they’ve done during this past year. What’s your workplace doing for Easter this year?

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