How to lose visceral fat: Woman, 68, used this technique to reduce harmful belly fat

Visceral fat slowly slathers itself around internal organs. Triggering a release of inflammatory products inside the body, Harvard Medical School state it can contribute to insulin resistance among other health complications. Find out how one woman championed her health.

Sybil Kretzmer, 68, came to Ultimate Performance Kensington in need of a health overhaul.

Struggling with high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, arthritis and extra weight she was keen to shift, Sybil decided enough was enough.

She had seen how her beloved husband own’s health was deteriorating before her very eyes, as he was ferried to and from hospital, and she needed a positive distraction.

Waist circumference is paramount in measuring visceral fat levels, and Sybil’s overall body fat had reduced from 35 percent to 23 percent.

As this type of fat hides inside the body, wrapping itself around organs, measuring one’s waist is a key indicator as to how much visceral fat a person is carrying.

In women, a waist measuring 35 inches or more reflects dangerous levels of visceral fat within the body.

Exercise and a healthy diet are the only proven ways to shift this toxic fat.

Sybil believes her exercise regime has been her “fountain of youth”.

“For me, it has been a lifesaver,” she added. “My friends are amazed at how well I look, how cheerful I am, and how much more energy and positive confidence I have.”

Additionally, Sybil has been able to come off her medication for blood pressure and cholesterol, which she is very pleased about.

Delighted, Sybil said: “My blood pressure and cholesterol counts came down to the point where I have been able to dispense with my former medications.”

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Her chronic hip and knee pain from arthritis has also subsided, which she credits to the combination of proper nutrition and strength training.

“Some side effects [of training] I didn’t expect were the kind you don’t see.

“I suffered from arthritis in my hip and knee so badly that, sometimes, I could barely turn over in my bed at night and, halfway through my programme, one day I just noticed I didn’t have hip and knee pain anymore.

“I could spin around in the bed and not feel any pain.”

Impressed with her new physique, Sybil exclaimed: “I have had to clear out my clothes closet from everything that no longer fits, and have had the great pleasure of buying a new, more fun looking wardrobe.”


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