How to do Instagram top 9 of the decade and 2019

Instagram has had a big year in 2019. From trialling the removal of likes to using AI to stop cyberbullying, the platform has tried to make its own Internet space become a little bit nicer. 

But what about your 2019 on Instagram? Well, it’s that time in the calendar when we all start looking back at the things we posted on the photo-sharing app, and there’s an easy way to collate all those memories together, thanks to the app Top Nine. 

To get your Instagram top 9, the app uses the data from your personal profile to pull the nine posts that received the most likes. Then it collates this into a handy collage which you can download and share to your heart’s desire.

Here’s how to do it. 

How to do Instagram top 9 

  1. Go to Top Nine, either the desktop version or the app one (Apple App Store or Google Play Store). As an FYI, if your account is private, then you need to use the app

  2. Enter your Instagram handle and your email address

  3. Then Top Nine will get generating the image and email you when your collage is ready

  4. Download the image and get sharing 

If 2019 has taught us anything, it’s to be wary of apps that use our data cc: FaceApp. Luckily, Top Nine has a featured whereby once you’ve downloaded the Instagram top 9 image, you can ask the app to delete your email and all the data associated with it. Simply visit and follow the instructions. 

But not before you’ve taken the time to browse the Top Nine shop which allows you to select your favourite Instagram images to be printed on products such as a phone case or tote bag. Last-minute present anyone?

Given that younger generations are so used to taking photos with their phones, the photo album has somewhat gone out of style, and the Instagram top 9 is almost the digital version. 

But if you want to create real versions of your Instagram images, then there’s an easy way to do that. This year, Both Instax and Polaroid have created smartphone printers which take your photos from your phone and print them into IRL images. 

Polaroid’s new Lab printer takes your Instagram pictures and turns them into vintage polaroids (Polaroid)

The Instax Mini Link (£89.99, connects wirelessly to your phone. There are different modes such as video printing, surprise mode – which keeps the picture a secret until it prints – and the party mode for mystery prints. 

The Polaroid Lab (£119.99, on the other hand, has been dubbed the “darkroom for your phone” and allows you to print Polaroid-worthy shots for times when you might not have your camera on you. For the perfect Christmas shots, the company has just released new festive edition packs to add red and gold frames to your images, that will work with the printer as well as OneStep 2 cameras.  

Happy snapping. 

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