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How to Choose a Stationary Bike for Your Needs

How To Choose A Stationary Bike For Your Needs

Home workouts have continued to gain popularity and it’s not just because of the convenience they present but also because they are cost-effective. You’ll no longer have to part with costly gym membership fees or wait in line for your turn to use the squat machine. There are so many types of gym equipment you can invest in to make your fitness goals a reality. If you are resolute on leading a healthier lifestyle, it will also be important that you create time even with such a busy schedule. 

Speaking of gym equipment, having a stationary bike will really help with your fitness goals and you’ll also get to enjoy some other perks the bike comes with. But before you get to enjoy a cardio workout right in the comfort of your living room, it’s critical that you choose the right exercise bike that’s best suited for your needs. With that being said, here’s how to choose a stationary bike. 

Do Your Homework

With so many products out there, you’ll want to choose a stationary bike that fits within your range of budget, meets certain specifications, and one that’s of the best quality. This means conducting extensive research on some of the best stationary bikes in the market. It might also interest you to read customer testimonials and reviews to know what other customers are saying about specific products. The reviews from ProWomensCycling.com will be a great start if you are looking for a quality stationary bike. Through this, you’ll familiarize yourself with different brands in the market and get a feel of what to expect from the exercise bike. 

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Go for All the Right Features

When choosing a stationary bike that’s best suited for your needs, you’ll need to decide on features that will help to motivate you during your workouts. Hey, there’s a good reason why people choose to wear Bluetooth earplugs when jogging in the park. The same principle should apply when choosing an exercise bike. Having interactive features on your stationary bike will also come in handy in enhancing the bike’s functionality. Let’s take a look at the must-have features to look-out for. They include:

  • LCD flatscreen 
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Programmers
  • Resistance adjusters
  • Bottle holder

Type of Stationary Bikes

Before going for just any exercise bike, it will equally be important that you go for the type that meets your workout requirements as well as your health needs. There are currently three types of stationary bikes in the market today, namely:

Upright stationary bikes – This exercise bike will give you a feel of riding your bicycle outdoors. The best part is that with the upward posture, you’ll achieve working out all the important muscles and joints in your body. 

Spinner stationary bikes – For the exact feel of riding your bicycle outdoors, then this could be a great choice. In simpler terms, it’s a stripped version of a mountain bike. 

Recumbent stationary bikes – As the name suggests, these bikes are easy on your back as you are not in a hunched posture. These exercise bikes were solely created for comfort and a great option to anyone with back issues or any other form of joint-related ailment.


This is a no brainer. You’ll, of course, want an exercise bike that meets your comfort needs. For starters, it needs to be lightweight. This will make it easier when moving the stationary bike around the house, say, in search of a better view. Also, the bike should come with a padded saddle for extra comfort.  

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Various factors will affect the cost of a stationary bike. For instance, an exercise bike that comes with additional accessories, modern features such as a built-in music system, or an LCD flatscreen monitor that displays speed stats might cost you more than your conventional stationary bike. So, always go with your budget before overspending on features that you might not need. 


Last but not least, consider a stationary bike that comes with a warranty. Most manufacturers have a 2-3 year warranty on their bikes. Nevertheless, and when it comes to warranties, extended is not always better. By this, always check for the bike’s quality, cost of replacing worn-out parts, and the availability of spare parts. 

It’s about time you tried something different in your life. With a stationary bike set in your living room, you’ll get to enjoy all your TV shows, movies, and all while working out. Hey, some bikes have gaming options enabled to ensure that you skip to the next level. So, what are you waiting for?  

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