How to Build a Home Library on a Budget?

How to Build a Home Library on a Budget?

What does a good library need?  A well-designed room where one can choose from a  wide range of books and read their favourite one in peace. If you’re a book lover, you probably frequent the libraries in your tone or city. You would perhaps want a huge room in your house with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

Have you ever thought of building a home library? Well, if you believe that it is an expensive proposition, think again, as it is possible to build a library right in your home and on a budget! Read on to learn more.

So, if you love books, you should have a home library, and you can certainly build one without spending a fortune. Here are some tips to follow:

 Set a Budget – The first and foremost tip is to know how much you can afford. You would of course, need the books and will also need a room or a corner in your house to place those books. Write down a list of your priorities and how many books and bookcases or bookshelves would be required to store those books. You can also browse some cheap carpets to dress up the foreign area of the home library.

Start Collecting Books– Browse library book sales as these are the best way to grow your home library. You can easily shop for hundreds of hardback books for just a few dollars. Some thrift stores often have a book section, and you are sure to find some of the bestsellers in their section. If you are looking for a particular book or author, the fastest way to get those books are via online bookstores.

Low-Cost Shelving- Now that you have a fair collection of books, the next step is to build a bookcase of shelves to hold those books. One can always look for second-hand bookcases in local colleges or libraries. You can also try Multimedia shelves, which is a creative and unconventional way to store your books. The idea is to get thrifty and save where you can. Shelves are usually much less expensive when compared to bookcases.

Start Small and Grow Gradually– The size of the library will rely on how many books do you want to shelve. As a piece of advice, go slow with the idea of a home library and buy bookshelves that can hold a lot more books later on. Look at the images of bookshelves to see how many books can be arranged on a single shelf. Keep in mind that paperbacks are lighter and take up less space when compared to hardcovers.

Make a List of Books – As a book lover, you would want to own certain books. It is a good idea to set aside a certain amount of money each month that you can spend on books. Once you start following the above tips and keep on buying some new books every month, soon, you will have a home library that you can be proud of.

Nothing can be more relaxing than curling up on a comfortable chair inside your library and enjoy your favourite book with a mug of coffee or a cup of tea.

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