How to avoid travel sickness on planes – including what to drink, where to sit and what to wear

FEELING travel sick on planes is one of the worst feelings for any traveller who want a relaxing holiday.

While it is most common in children especially those between the age of two and 12, many adults also get the feeling of feel queasy while travelling according to Bupa, especially those prone to nausea, migraines and earaches.

 Feeling sick while travelling is very common

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Feeling sick while travelling is very common

By changing your drinking habits, picking the right seat and focusing on relaxation, a passenger is much less likely to feel sick during a flight.

Pick your seat well

The seats over the wings get the least amount of motion, so pick those if you feel easily sick.

Also, try and get the window seat so you can keep an eye on the horizon.

If the wing seats aren’t available, the second best area of the section is right at the front of the plane.

Be careful what you drink

A freebie glass of wine is always nice, but it will just make you feel worse.

Instead, opt for a ginger ale as ginger is known to curb nausea.

 Guests should avoid the free wine and choose ginger tea instead

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Guests should avoid the free wine and choose ginger tea instead

Invest in an acupressure wristband

The bands put pressure on your wrist at certain points, which helps to control nausea.

Fake it until you make it

Apparently, just telling yourself that you feel better can work wonders.

A report in the Journal of Applied Psychology revealed that officers in the Israeli army told cadets that they were unlikely to get seasickness.

After five days of the same instructions, less cadets reported feelings of seasickness.

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Reading a book in a car makes most people feel sick, but it also has the same effect on a plane

Put the book down

Reading a book in a car makes most people feel sick, but it also has the same effect on a plane, even if you are travelling in a straight line.

Opt for an audio book instead, so you can keep your eyes focused on a fixed point.

Citroen makes Seetroen – the world’s first glasses that cure motion sickness and they cost £90

Use your air vent, or pack a mini fan

You can’t wind the window down on a plane, but you can use the air vent.

At the beginning of the flight, make sure your vent is blowing a strong stream of air in your face.

If that’s not enough, you might want to invest in a mini fan.

Travel sickness, also known as motion sickness, is thought to be caused by repetitive motions during travel such as waves or bumps which affect the balance in your ear.

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This is what causes the feelings of sickness.

Green apples are thought to help people who feel sick as they are high in fibre which removes the sick-causing chemicals in the body.


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