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What should your star sign do to mark the Spring Equinox? (Picture: Getty/

The Spring Equinox falls on March 20 in 2022 and not only brings Spring but the return of the sun.

The days and nights are equally long during the equinox, ready to start drawing in longer, sunnier days and shorter nights. It’s a phase of growth, recalibration, celebration, unfurling and unwinding.

We’ve survived the winter, and it’s time to turn our attentions to what’s now possible with the warmth and light of a spring season.

Every star sign feels this surge of optimism and possibility, but each are impacted in slightly different ways.

Read on to discover how your star sign will feel during this Equinox and what to do about it.


March 21 to April 20

You’ll feel a powerful surge of energy and, with it, a desire for new possibilities.

The Equinox occurs right before your star sign’s season begins so it’s a new beginning for you in many ways, your planetary return brings even more enthusiasm.

Burn off your excess energy, take up plenty of exercise and activity. Burn off the raw fuel created by this season to burn it down to a white-hot focus, which you can use to fuel and drive your most ambitious goal yet.

It’s time to shine.

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Spring is here (Picture: Getty Images)


April 21 to May 21

Time to reconnect with your body after the swaddling, indulgence and darkness of winter.

You’re ruled by Venus, so you’re always in the mood for beauty and love, and Spring brings the return of your full appetites.

Re-activate Date Night, get back in the game if you’ve been single for a while, get a makeover, start a class, learn self-massage or reflexology, get your hair cut, spruce your nails.

Get back in touch with your physical self. Ready for a summer of love, maybe.

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May 22 to June 21

Spring makes you feel like a kid again (although you usually do anyway). It’s like school holidays are about to begin and all of that playfulness and wanderlust returns to you.

Get outside. Go have fun. Go frolic. Visit new places, try different venues, socialise, take up a new hobby, go on a big adventure, take a holiday, go on a tour. Draw in as much fresh, new, playful, and fun activity and energy as is humanly possible. You’re renewing your spirits.

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Get outside and enjoy nature (Picture: Getty Images)


June 22 to July 23

Home is where your heart is, and chances are you’ve almost been in hibernation this last winter.

It’s time to make your home feel fresh and vibrant again. Focus on activating a month-long spring clean, and this is not just about physical and material decluttering and washing, it’s about refreshing the energy and atmosphere at home too.

Smoke cleanse each room, light white candles, open all windows, place black, blue or white crystals in your windows, place flowers and herbs in your living rooms.

Re-activate and revive the positive energy of your home after a long, locked in winter.

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July 24 to August 23

The Spring Equinox importantly means the sun is returning to full life force and as the sun is your sign’s ruling planet this literally also brings back your strength, confidence and personal power.

Use this surge of positivity and vitality to re-activate your social circle and connections. Go visiting. Go dancing. Organise outings and events.

Put yourself in the midst of a social whirl, it will bring you even more energy and va va voom. Plug in to your network!

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August 24 to September 23

Spring is a highlight on nature’s calendar, all about growth and birth, and many people find their way back into their gardens as a means of being mindful, connecting to nature, embracing this season, and relaxing.

Virgo, you were born to garden! Creating a sanctuary of plants, herbs, flowers and veggies, all overseen and managed by your capable green fingers, is ideal.

If you live someplace without a garden, then make a window box, or bring in some hardy houseplants. Surround yourself with greenery and oxygenate your fast, active mind.

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It’s the natural world’s time to shine (Picture: Getty Images)


September 24 to October 23

Your Venus ruler makes you a great appreciator of beauty and pleasure.

Spring brings much to observe here – baby animals, clear skies, whipping-fast clouds, fresh sunlight, blossom, budding plants, unfurling flowers, lovely warm breezes and still-frosty mornings.

Take up outdoor meditation, yoga or pilates, or simply go on long, mindful walks, to drink in the beauty of the world around you. It will speak to your heart, and make you feel at peace.

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October 24 to November 22

Your Pluto planetary ruler makes you very in tune with birth and death, and regeneration, so Spring is a key season for you, it brings you a great deal to think about and watch.

Follow the theme of birth and bring something new into your life to nurture and care for – be it a new family member, friendship, a pet, a houseplant, a pen pal, an apprentice. Something you help to grow and strengthen.

This will draw out the best of your qualities – strength, protectiveness, loyalty.

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There’s a real energy of renewal (Picture: Getty Images)


November 23 to December 21

You are the zodiac’s great outdoorsy type, so you’re itching to get back into the open air this Spring.

Winter is tough for you sometimes, it clips your wings. Spread them wide now and fly!

Get wild, sleep outside, go swimming in natural lakes or oceans, eat raw, visit animal sanctuaries, take on a new animal yourself, live al fresco.

Make the absolute most of the light and warmth of this season and get your full dose of natural living – it’s your most powerful fuel.

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December 22 to January 21

Spring is not just about growth in nature but also about the energy of new ambitions, goals, and intentions, which is absolutely where your practical heart lies, Capricorn.

This is the season to really get serious about 2022’s ambitions and goals, to lay down your plan and strategy and start executing it with focus.

This is the season to activate your ideas. This is the time to create mantras and affirmations, and say them daily, to help get you wherever you’re going.

You are the most ambitious sign and this is your time to build.

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Enjoy a fresh start (Picture: Getty Images)


January 22 to February 19

You’re a pretty outdoorsy person and you like seeking thrills and adventure in natural settings (think: zip wires, white water rafting, surfing, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, pot-holing etc).

Spring opens up the world to you, and you’re eager to broaden your horizons, get out there, and challenge yourself to the max.

Go for it, Aquarius. You’re a bit of a secret warrior-type, and you’re overdue a testing adventure, a quest, to really make you feel confident and powerful.

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February 20 to March 20

You’re the zodiac’s dreamer and creative imagineer.

Spring brings opportunities to reconnect with your inner child and decorate the house, wear fancy dress, have parties, play games, swap gifts, and celebrate with those you love and like.

Put all of that top of your agenda this March, April and May. Make it fun and festive.

Treat it almost like a season-long event of reunions, parties, gatherings, decorating, festive fun and games. Share all of the love you have to give.

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