How The Boys Season 3 Adapts The Comic’s Herogasm

The television series also brings in a Russian superhero from earlier in the comics run that didn’t actually appear at Herogasm: the one Marvin cleverly nicknamed “Love Sausage.” In the show, the man with the prehensile member answers the door at the TNT twins’ humble abode, welcoming Starlight and accepting the impromptu moniker from Marvin. In the comics, Love Sausage is the hero’s actual name, but he provides an equal amount of levity with his unusual superpower and seems perfectly at home in the sex party of The Boys season 3.

Oddly enough, the best moment that The Boys improved upon from the Herogasm comic is one that was already reinterpreted in an earlier episode. The Homelander of the comics has a mid-orgy epiphany, realizing that he could pretty much do anything and get away with it, and to prove it to himself, he flies above the Pacific — completely nude — and laser-eyes a passenger plane out of the sky. The superhero then plans on announcing his newfound liberation from the PR lackeys at Vought during an awards show called the Supies.

Sound familiar? This is exactly the realization that Homelander came to in the opening three episodes of The Boys, and it set off a subsequent takeover of Vought by the leader of The Seven. Interestingly, the Homelander of the Herogasm comic is unable to successfully distract his Vought handler and is stopped from making his announcement to the assembled supes, creating immense frustration of a different sort than what is seen in the show.

So yes, Herogasm is a much more subdued affair in The Boys season 3, but in some ways it’s made more successful by acting as a climactic confrontation between Vought’s two top dogs along with the newly powered Butcher and Hughie. The comic provided the inspiration for some thematic elements that the TV show was able to deepen, adding complexity to a storyline that on the page was essentially a sidebar to the political ascension of Vought-controlled presidential hopefuls.

In fact, it’s entirely possible The Boys still has even more to pull from the Herogasm miniseries besides a few dick jokes and some octopus sex. Stay tuned!


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