How PlayStation’s Project Spartacus Can Beat Xbox Game Pass

Assuming Sony won’t be quite that generous (or, depending on how you read the situation, desperate), then it might make sense for them to offer an extensive “tier” system that really lets you determine how much of the Spartacus service you want to be able to access. Ideally, a $9.99 a month system would allow you to access a library of retro, indie, and third-party titles while something in the $19.99 a month range would grant you access to first-party new releases (we’d of course love for the service to be cheaper than that, but those may be slightly more realistic figures).

There’s probably no way that Spartacus offers an Xbox Game Pass quality library for the Xbox Game Pass price, but PlayStation could use a tier system to help determine what it is people really want from such a service and how much they’re willing to pay for it.

PlayStation’s Project Spartacus Could (and Maybe Should) Offer TV Shows and Movies Along With Games

Recent rumors regarding Project Spartacus suggest that it could feature a library of TV shows and movies as well as games, which is honestly one of those little differences that could help separate the service from Game Pass and perhaps elevate it in the minds of some.

While I highly doubt that PlayStation’s Spartacus service will be able to compete with the biggest film and television streaming services out there, the PlayStation team could use their theoretical access to the Sony film library as a way to expand Spartacus’ initial library until they’re able to really establish Spartacus as its own thing and use that momentum to strike new deals and add more media to it.

Again, the basic idea here is that PlayStation needs to find a way to add enough media to Spartacus right from the start to give it that “must-have” feeling that PlayStation Now has lacked in the past.

Project Spartacus Should be a True Streaming Service

While Game Pass really is the closest thing we’ve ever seen to that fabled “Netflix for gaming” idea, it’s important to remember that Game Pass still requires you to download games in order to play them while Netflix is still very much a streaming service that offers optional downloads. Microsoft has done a great job of making those game downloads as painless as possible, but it’s still a noteworthy technological compromise they’ve made in order to push Game Pass as far as they have.


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