Bradley succeed in ‘breaking’ himself on his TV show Breaking Dad. (Picture: ITV/REX)

Bradley Walsh has been entertaining viewers along with his son on their ITV show Bradley Walsh and Son: Breaking Dad recently, but it seems the 59-year-old has taken the series title quite literally, as he revealed he has broken his back.

The Doctor Who star and host of The Chase appeared on This Morning earlier this week along with his son Barney to talk to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield about the accident that left his back broken in three places.

Reassuring the hosts that: ‘It sounds a bit more severe than it actually is’ the 59-year-old went on to explain how he’d broken his back in three places, including his transverse process L3, his transverse process L4 and his transverse process L5.

How did Bradley Walsh break his back?

Bradley Walsh broke his back in three places in an ‘awkward’ fall whilst having a go on a bucking bull during a kids’ rodeo in Ohio.

‘My life’s ambition was to go on a rodeo and they [the show’s crew] always say to me, Barnes says to me, “What would you really like to do Dad?” And I say, “I would love to do a rodeo”, because I love cowboy films…’ Bradley explained to Holly and Phil.

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‘And then you have the chance to go in the novice class with all the kids and the girls and the mums and the dads, because it was a family day.’

Whilst having a go, Bradley ‘fell slightly wrong’ when he was bucked off the bull and unfortunately ended up in hospital, where he discovered the extent of the injury to his back.

Bradley Walsh broke his back in three places after falling off a bull – as you do. (Picture: ITV)

Although it sounds bad, Bradley was quick to say that the injury hasn’t been as debilitating as it sounds.

‘I was up and walking the next day and driving the RV’, he said.

Bradley and Son: Breaking Dad continues on Wednesdays, at 8pm, on ITV.

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