How Chris Harrison's "Tough Love" Helped Matt James on His Bachelor Journey

Matt James is getting some much-needed advice from a Bachelor pro.

During a new episode of The Bachelor Party podcast, released on Jan. 7, the Season 25 star revealed how host Chris Harrison‘s “tough love” gave him a push in the right direction.

“Every time I talked to Chris, I took something away from him,” he shared. Speaking on a particular incident when the Bachelor Nation guru gave him some direct words of wisdom, he recalled, “That time specifically was just reiterating something that you heard your whole life and that’s you can’t please everybody and you can’t speak for everybody. Him saying that was what I needed to hear in that moment because I was putting a lot of pressure on myself.” 

Host Juliet Litman laughed as she called the host “Papa Chris.” Matt not only agreed with moniker, he even added, “A thousand percent! He laid own the hammer a few times and that’s the time of relationship we have. He reigned me back in and there was a lot of tough love.”


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