Housemate on hunt for people to live with shares utterly ridiculous list of demands

When looking for new housemates, you probably want them to pay the rent on time and keep the place relatively tidy.

But one person has much higher standards for the people he wants to live with.

An unnamed Australian man is on the hunt for four to five people to set up a house share with and as such he’s posted in a Facebook group to help him connect with potential housemates.

In a post on the group he revealed their hopes for the living situation and shared a list of demands/rules he’d like to implement in his “ideal household”.

And it’s fair to say people have plenty of thoughts on them.

He’s looking for new housemates


The guy begins his post by saying that he wants to start a “sharehouse that maximises happiness and success”.

He goes on to write that there’s an “evil monster” in our society called instant gratification and he wants to remove that from his life and the lives of his housemates.

In order to do this, he’s created a list of different rules for the house “to ensure bulls*** is removed from [their] lives and we can focus on a meaningful existence”.

Among his bizarre demands he states that he doesn’t want to have a couch and people should “squat” and there will be no noise after 11pm as everyone should be asleep by then.

He’s got a lot of ideas for how a house should be run


Shockingly he also doesn’t want there to be a television in the home either and instructs potential housemates to “meditate and read” instead.

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His ideal household will also have “no alcohol, no refined sugar, no wifi, no cigarettes, no white light, no frozen meals or fast food”.

And if all that weren’t enough, he thinks everyone should chip in for “daily smoothies”, they should clean the streets to make the community a better place and reach out to their neighbours.

A Twitter user named Courtney spotted the ridiculous Facebook post and shared it on Twitter, writing: “This is absolutely how a cult begins.”


Similarly another person commented: “Part of me wants to move in just to see how it all unfolds. The rest of me believes this is the beginning of a cult.”

A third said: “This is f***ed.”

“I hate this so f***ing much,” added a fourth.

“Oh this man sucks,” someone else replied.

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