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Game of Thrones was once the biggest name in fantasy, as it had been dominating television for years. While the finale left many fans angry, the series still left its mark, and Westeros has become one of the most iconic fantasy worlds around. Now, HBO is taking a trip back to Game of Thrones with the upcoming spin-off House of the Dragon. This will see the return of Westeros years before the Starks and Lannisters battled for supremacy. If it is successful, then Westeros will once again become a household name and social media will be rife with people discussing the latest episodes.


While Game of Thrones has become a staple of fantasy television, it has always struggled to break into the gaming industry. There have been many video games that have tried to capture the essence of Westeros, but the majority of them fell flat. There have been strategy titles, RPGs, adventure games, and countless mobile titles that have all tried to emulate Game of Thrones. However, none of them have ever felt on par with the show or novels and thus received little attention from fans. With the release of House of the Dragon, maybe it is time for the industry to try again in an attempt to craft a thrilling Westeros adventure.

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A Brief History of Game of Thrones Video Games

Over the years, Game of Thrones has received 11 different video games based in its world. These titles have spanned a multitude of different genres, with the majority of these games releasing on mobile. There was the RPG from Cyanide called Game of Thrones, the story-driven adventure from Telltale Games titled Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, and Turbine’s free-to-play strategy title Game of Thrones: Conquest, among many others. WIth so many games, there is bound to be one that captures the essence of the series, but that has not been the case.

The game that came closest to capturing the essence of Game of Thrones is Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series. Players controlled a northern house known as House Forrester and got to play as five of its members. The game was split up into six different chapters and ran alongside Game of Thrones during season 3-5. Players got to witness different events from Game of Thrones through the eyes of a house that had not been introduced in the show. The game received decent reviews and proved to be a hit for many Game of Thrones fans, but a second season never saw the light of day due to issues inside Telltale Games.

Since the release of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, the only Game of Thrones titles that have released have been mobile games. Some of these titles received PC releases, but they are still mobile games at their core. While other fantasy franchises like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter get large RPGs set in their own universes, Game of Thrones is getting mobile games. This seems like an odd choice for a property that dominated the television landscape, and it should be rectified when House of the Dragon rolls around.

Now is the Time for More Westeros Games

House of the Dragon presents the Game of Thrones brand with a huge opportunity. A brand-new series will pull back much of the fanbase, and it may pull in a brand-new audience as well. House of the Dragon may become the topic of discussion across social media, much like how Game of Thrones was. It could put Westeros everywhere again, and that means that more video games in the universe would be a must.

The goal of any franchise is to keep people exploring said franchise. Marvel Studios has been delivering constant streams of content through the MCU, and fans can also turn to the countless video games based on Marvel characters. Lord of the RIngs fans will have The Rings of Power to check out soon alongside Lord of the Rings: Gollum and the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor series. Harry Potter fans have been treated to Fantastic Beasts and the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy. The biggest franchises have delivered content for TV and movie lovers alongisde gamers, and its time that Westeros does the same.

There is plenty of potential in Game of Thrones besides mobile games. House of the Dragon will surely renew interest in the franchise, and the gaming industry should support that newfound interest with brand-new titles. Doing so will give Game of Thrones fans something to play and will keep the franchise in the mind of the fans. Westeros is begging to be explored by gamers, and the industry needs to deliver.

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