Hotel secrets: Expert reveals the one sneaky trick to help you get a hotel room upgrade

Hotel stays are very popular among British globetrotters on their holidays. People will book their accommodation based on the budget available but getting bumped up for free is always hugely exciting. Bagging a hotel room upgrade can seem pretty tricky but an expert has revealed what to do.

“[Standard] is generally the room category the everyday traveller books, so an upgrade to a higher room category could be on the cards.”

Cancellation and no-shows are also more likely toward the end of the day, too, which will free up rooms.

Booking site Skyscanner also has a selection of top tips for travellers keen for an upgrade to choose from.

If you’re hoping for an upgrade to a suite there’s no point booking one of the cheapest rooms.


“Look for a room with a rate right in the middle and you’ll have a better chance at getting a free hotel upgrade to that coveted suite,” said Skyscanner.

It will also help if you’re only staying in the hotel for a very short period of time.

The site pointed out: “You’ve got a much better shot at getting that nicer hotel room if you’re staying for one or two nights.

Another top tip from Skyscanner is to join a hotel loyalty program to boost your chances.

“If you stay with the same chain on a regular basis and are a member of their rewards program, the better the chances you have of getting the red carpet rolled out for you when checking in,” they said.

“Signing up for, and using, hotel loyalty rewards programs will always be the easiest way to get a free hotel upgrade.”

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One sneaky way to ensure you’ve got more of a chance of getting an upgrade is to give consideration to your jewellery.

If hotel staff spot a shiny new wedding ring they may be more inclined to hand out an upgrade.

Couples who are just married can be more likely to share their holiday on social media, meaning pictures of the hotel will be posted online providing great advertisement for the hotel.

In related hotel news, the worst hotel chain in the UK was revealed this week by Which? Travel.

The worst hotel chain of all in the UK was revealed to be Britannia Hotels – the same rating it’s held for the previous seven years.

On average, guests were 10 times more likely to award it a poor rating for cleanliness than any other hotel, according to the survey by Which? Travel.

As part of the research, a Which? investigator checked in to the Britannia Lodge at Gatwick. They were greeted with “damp smells” coming from a clogged ventilation fan and a “grubby” bathtub.

What’s more, an ultraviolet light showed up stains that could not be seen with the naked eye, on both the bed sheets and the walls surrounding the toilet.

One guest went so far as to tell Which? the chain’s hotels “should all be closed down for the safety of the people who have the misfortune of staying in one.”


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