Horrified mum accuses son of taking crystal meth after she finds a bag of powder in his room & he can’t stop laughing

PICTURE the scene: you’re just going about your business, tidying your son’s room when you find a suspicious white powder on his bedside table.

Do you: A. Trust that your child is sensible enough not to do drugs or B. Assume the worst and start inviting your nearest and dearest round to stage an intervention ASAP.

The mum was horrified when she found this bag of white powder in her son's room


The mum was horrified when she found this bag of white powder in her son’s roomCredit: @jacobmdci/Twitter

Well this was the exact scenario one Scottish mum was faced with when she found a bag full of white crumbs in her son’s bedroom – and naturally, she chose the latter option.

Sharing a photo of the suspicious white powder on Twitter, the woman’s son Jake recalled his side of the story.

He wrote: “Don’t usually tweet right, but I’ve just come home to my mum crying her eyes out asking if I do crystal meth because she found prawn cracker crumbs in a bag on my bedside table.”

That’s right, that white powder wasn’t evidence that Jake had been hiding a drug problem… but actually proof that he likes to enjoy snacks in bed from time-to-time.

The mum recalled her side of the story on Facebook


The mum recalled her side of the story on FacebookCredit: @jacobmdci/Twitter

What’s more, Jake’s mum also shared her experience of the drug scare on her Facebook page.

She wrote: “Jake went out to get a haircut this morning and he hadn’t hoovered his bedroom before the estate agent was due to come in so I had to go in and do it.

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“Found some strange paraphernalia on his bedroom table. What looked like a thick beige ceramic polo mint [and] there were large circles of dusty powder too.

“And a thin white plastic bag which, at first, I thought was empty but when I picked it up to crumple and put it in the bin, it had something in it, right in the bottom corner.”

The lad asked his mum why she didn't taste the crackers to see what they were


The lad asked his mum why she didn’t taste the crackers to see what they wereCredit: @jacobmdci/Twitter

Naturally, the mum’s mind started racing and she began to suspect that he’d been “grinding” the substance in his room.

She added: “My heart rate increased – oh God, he’s on drugs – is this crystal meth? How do you take crystal meth? Has he used the grindstone object to crush it and then snort it?”

But with just 10 minutes until the estate agent was due to come round – she put the “crystal meth” in the bin and waited for Jake to come home.

She continued: “He arrived not long after she left. He can clearly see that I’m worried and asks what the matter is. I asked him to go up to his bedroom and I followed.”

After showing Jake the “grindstone” (which was actually just an incense holder), the mum then presented him with her key evidence.

My heart rate increased – oh God, he’s on drugs – is this crystal meth? I am ignorant of all this stuff.

“Oh my god,” Jake replied. “That was prawn crackers. I can’t believe you thought I was on crystal meth.”

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The mum continued: “I am so delighted that he’s not on crystal meth that I gave him a big hug – despite him now saying that he’s never used Twitter before and is now going to have to put something on about how his Mum thought prawn cracker crumbs were crystal meth.”

Unsurprisingly, Jake’s post racked up over 91,500 “likes” on Twitter.

One user replied: “The irony being that prawn crackers are several orders of intensity more addictive than crystal meth.”

Another added: “My mum once called my sister in tears because she found a small white triangular tablet on the floor in my bedroom… it was a Smint.”

“When I was 13 my mum accused me of glue sniffing because I had a red raw nose due to a cold she knew I had,” a third wrote. “She said I was acting dopey, I was a 13 year old boy it’s what we did back in the day…”

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