Horoscopes today – Russell Grant's star sign forecast for Sunday April 17

One horoscope will find someone who will stand out from the crowd if they’re single, meanwhile another star sign needs to be tactful with a loved one

Russell Grant takes a look at what today could bring for your horoscope – and what you can do to be prepared.


You may have to postpone social plans to finish a home related project that has ground to a halt. Someone in the family is expecting you to complete this work even though you aren’t enjoying it. Don’t dwell on disappointments. At least by the end of the day relationships at home will have improved.


You will identify with artistic, creative and musical types now. Are you single and looking for love? Someone who stands out from the crowd will make an immediate impact on you. If you find you were intuitively drawn to each other there’s a strong sense that this relationship was always meant to be.


If your employer is refusing to listen, it may be time to start looking for a different job. If you are in a position of leadership, set up a meeting to discuss possible changes that can be made to improve work conditions, performance and quality. The actions you take and support you offer will pay off in the long-term.


You aren’t expecting a partner to carry out activities that have no meaning to them. Even so, you will hope they understand why you continue to respect and continue a family tradition that is important to you. As a compromise you will spend time together building new traditions.


You have a responsibility to be accurate in what you say. When giving your account of a recent event, be honest and people will believe you. You aren’t sure you can trust what a colleague is telling you. Others will push you to give them the benefit of the doubt.


A pleasure trip will sound like a great idea. Take yourself off to a place where you can forget about what is being expected, demanded or asked of you. To safeguard your health, relaxation is needed. You may need to drop some commitments that are starting to be too much for you.


Bumping into a friend or relative you’ve not seen for a while could be a blessing in disguise. Your last parting may have been strained in some way and this has caused you both to avoid each other. Now you have met up again you will realise too how much you have missed each other.


Actions you take together with a team will demonstrate their success as new measures put in place will be welcomed with enthusiasm. Money will be available to launch a project aimed at benefiting your community. Help is arriving and there’s a growing sense of optimism around you.


Be particularly tactful with a friend or relative who you know is sensitive and vulnerable. They may not like what you have to tell them but your choice of words can help prevent an ugly scene or confrontation. There are no details as to the reason why a work assignment is cancelled.


Anxious thoughts are preventing you from enjoying what is in the here and now. One way to cope with stress is to readjust your focus. Booking yourself in for a massage, taking a long nature walk and listening to uplifting music can all help you break out of a cycle of worry and tension.


A workplace argument will not be easily resolved. What will surprise you most is when someone you least expect to, will come out of the woodwork to defend you. A past good deed will pay off. You have more influence than you realise in a group situation.


You should be proud of all you have recently achieved. Your success is changing you, making you feel more confident and more aware of what you are capable of. All this is putting an extra spring in your step as you look forward to adding to your list of achievements.

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