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Homes Under The Hammer's Martin Roberts on Lucy Alexander's heartbreaking loss: 'Terrible'

“When they read it, not only are they problem solving, they’re looking at different reasons why people might be sad and maybe you can assess your own feelings and figure out why you’re feeling sad and do something about it. 

“So we wanted to give every single eight or nine year old child in the UK a copy of this book because that’s the age range that the NSPCC say – if you can get them at that age you can nudge them in the right direction in terms of understanding their emotions so they know when things aren’t right and they can reach for support.”

Martin continued: “Then COVID came along and more and more reports came out about primary school aged children especially suffering quite badly in lockdown, especially the ones who might not have a supportive family.

“So I thought I’ve got to do something quickly to get something out there to try and pick up the pieces.

“I managed to raise enough money to give two free copies to every single primary school and we thought if we create a special teaching version then the schools have got that all in one place and they can do a lesson with the kids and the main thing is just to get the kids talking.”


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