Homeless couple get surprise wedding after 24 years together

Rosalyn Ferrer, 50, and Rommel Basco, 55, who were surprised with a wedding photoshoot after 24 years together (Picture: ViralPress / Rab4Love Studios)

Rosalyn Ferrer, 50, and Rommel Basco, 55, have wanted to marry each other since they met 24 years ago but they have had a tough life on the streets in Pampanga province, The Philippines.

For the last few years, they have lived in a small shack in an empty patch of wasteland with their six children, and having a wedding was simply not something they could afford.

But Richard Strandz, who owned a hair salon near the couple’s home, met them as they collected discarded plastic to sell as scrap and get enough money for food.

Rosalyn and Rommel, from Pampanga province, The Philippines. (Picture: ViralPress/Rab4Love Studios)
The couple have six children, who live with them in a shack on a piece of wasteland (Picture: ViralPress/Rab4Love Studios)
Rosalyn and Rommel make money by collecting plastic and selling it as scrap (Picture: ViralPress/Rab4Love Studios)
Rosalyn and Rommel were overjoyed when they were told about the surprise wedding (Picture: ViralPress/Rab4Love Studios)

Wanting to do something for them, Richard got friends to help give them a surprise wedding and a glamourous photoshoot on February 13, before Valentine’s Day.

Rosalyn said: ‘I once dreamed of having a white wedding but that was when I was a little girl. It went out of my mind long ago. We never had enough money and all we concentrated on was getting enough food to eat each day. Now I feel so blessed that it has happened. I’m so thankful.’

Richard added: ‘I found out about how the two have been living together for more than two decades but cannot afford a small wedding.

Rosalyn and Rommel, who have been together for 24 years, as they get ready for their surprise wedding (Picture: ViralPress/Rab4Love Studios)
Rosalyn and Rommel were able to try on a selection of outfits for the shoot (Picture: ViralPress/Rab4Love Studios)
Rosalyn and Rommel showed off their outfits to people in the street (Picture: ViralPress/Rab4Love Studios)
Rommel and bride Rosalyn, who said she used to dream of a white wedding as a little girl (Picture: ViralPress/Rab4Love Studios)
Salon owner Richard asked friends to help give the couple a makeover for the photoshoot (Picture: ViralPress/Rab4Love Studios)
Although they are not yet legally married, Richard has agreed to pay for the church ceremony once they have progressed their marriage papers (Picture: ViralPress/Rab4Love Studios)

‘I was touched by their love story so I contacted my friends who had a wedding supplies business and thought of surprising them with a charity wedding.’

Richard and his friends will also pay for the couple’s church wedding, which they hope will be held later this year, once they have processed their marriage papers.

He added: ‘True love is something that should be celebrated. It’s very special, no matter whether you’re rich or poor.’

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