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Holly Willoughby: 'Never want my children to leave' This Morning star on family life

Holly Willoughby, 38, shares three children with husband Dan Baldwin, Harry, 10, Belle, eight, Chester, five. On This Morning today, Holly and her co-host Phillip Schofield spoke to Vanessa Feltz during a segment about family guilt.

One person called Amy called up and asked for advice on how to not feel guilty about leaving her mum and heading off to university for a few years.

Holly appeared to not want to even think about the prospect of her children leaving home, as she said she wants them to stay with her “forever”.

Offering some tips, Vanessa said to Amy: “That’s such a sweet thing to care about and say and feel and I bet she’s done a brilliant job raising you.

“You’re quite right to think she’ll miss you, she’ll probably miss you enormously but she’ll know like all parents know, letting your child flee the most hardest thing ever but it’s part of the parenting processing.”

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Vanessa added: “She’s going to be proud and miss you like everybody else.”

“I mean, I’m not there yet,” Holly added, pointing towards her co-star Phillip who has two grown-up children: “You’ll probably be able to say more on this…”

She continued: “I will never want my children to leave that’s a fact, if they could stay with me forever that’s fine by me.”

Holly said: “However, I will also be so proud when they go, it will be tough but you just want them to live your life so by doing that you’re giving her the best present.”

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“I did as well,” Phillip said. “Steph and I, we dropped Ruby off at the same uni Molly was at so Molly helped Ruby moved in.”

He recalled: “We got in the car, and drove off without either of them in there.

“We got home, both streaming with tears, put the landing light on because the girls would come down from their rooms and I said to Steph ‘what are you turning that on for?’”

Holly appeared emotional at his story, and told him: “Oh no don’t you keep that light on, never turn it off!”

On the show yesterday, Holly and Phillip were shocked when Alice Beer made a rather rude joke while talking about a lavender-scented microwavable hand warmer.

The presenter described a series of winter warmer gadgets and when she got to a sheep hand warmer, she made a rather cheeky innuendo when she described the item as a “muff”.

Alice said: “This is like a muff and it smells of lavender. Who knew my muff smelled of lavender?”

Phillip was positively gobsmacked upon hearing the word which has a double meaning, as his co-star Holly burst out laughing.

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV from 10am.


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