Holly Willoughby in tears as This Morning guest's makeover goes horribly wrong

Holly Willoughby burst into tears live on This Morning on Monday, after a guest’s makeover went horribly wrong.

The star and co-host Phillip Schofield had been announcing to viewers that at some point during the show, a fan was getting a lavish makeover ahead of her school reunion party.

Carol was being treated by husband Pete, who nominated her, but it all went horribly wrong when the transformation was aired.

Her locks had been transformed into a bouncy, blonde hairdo, while she was dressed in a tight-fitting pink crushed velvet dress, with white boots.

Holly was left in tears as a guest hated her outfit

Carol asked for the cameras to stop filming

As she stepped out, Holly and Phil told her how amazing she looked, only for Carol to start crying before asking the show to stop filming.

Asking her if she was okay, they were stunned when Carol confessed she wasn’t a fan of the look and no longer wanted to be filmed.

Lisa Snowdon, who assisted with the makeover, appeared offended, as Carol started crying before admitting it wasn’t what she expected.

Carol began crying over her makeover

Holly tried to reassure Carol over her look

Holly reassured her that there was plenty of other outfits for her to choose from downstairs.

But suddenly, Phil rushed her out with Pete claiming they would have to wait to change her outfit, as they’d been booked in for a meal at a posh resturant.

Carol appeared to feel bad for hating the look after being gifted flowers, and a trip around London.

As a clearly panicked Holly reeled, Pete and Carol were shown being driven away only for the car to suddenly crash into the building. 

The guest asked for filming to stop

Holly and Phil were stunned by what happened next

The car crashed into the building

Holly looked very worried as the producers told them to carry on with the live show without giving any update on if the guests were okay.

Suddenly Phillip turned to a tearful Holly and shouted “April Fools”, revealing the entire segment had been set up, including Carol’s distress over her new look.

Steam began bellowing out of the car

No one got out of the car

Holly struggled to contain her emotions

Phillip mocked Holly for crying over the prank

Holly had to fight the urge not to swear at the team, who were all in on it, as she began crying on the show in complete shock.

She said: “I can’t tell you, that was so awful,” adding: “I’m so relieved it wasn’t real,” before she was introduced to Amy and Leo who were actors playing the two guests.

This Morning airs weekdays and Sundays at 10:30am on ITV.



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