Holly Willoughby in shock as she LOSES to Phil Schofield in This Morning quiz

This Morning’s Holly Willoughby has already proven to be the competitive type, and she proved it when she lost a quiz against her co-host.

I’m A Celeb’s Anne Hegarty made a guest appearance on the show, inviting Holly and Phillip Schofield to take part in her quiz.

In a bid to find the smartest family in the UK, Anne has been hosting a show to champion against them.

However, in their latest quiz, Anne set Holly and Phil against each other as they paired with their respective teams.

With only three quiz questions to answer, the game was over too quick for Holly’s liking as she lost out on the trophy.

As they finished the final question and Anne shared the new scores, Holly urged her team to win the final point – but was soon told it wasn’t possible.

After Anne told Holly it was the last round, she responded with a shocked: “What?” and looked over to Phil who was holding the trophy.

Accepting the trophy, Phil looked filled with joy as Anne handed over the prize – much to Holly’s disappointment.

Their competition comes days after the pair were reunited after the Easter half term.

As their reunion came closer, Phil tweeted: “Morning! Back on This Morning today and reunited with Holly Willoughby.”

By the sounds of it, fans definitely missed the duo as Phil was inundated with happy viewers gushing over their reunion.

One user responded: “Sp happy to see you back together.”

Another added: “It’s not been the same without you!”

Holly and Phil are definite favourites when it comes to the show, and it doesn’t sound like that’s changing anytime soon.


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