Holly Willoughby has epic meltdown as Keith Lemon force feeds GRIM mixture 

The show saw big names on the panel including American chart topper Bebe Rexha, Corrie’s Sair Kahn and Johnny Vegas. 

It wasn’t long before the outlandish host Keith Lemon had the celebrities taking part in one of his utterly disgusting games in an attempt to win points for their team. 

In a game that required the stars to be blindfolded and guess a food by sucking the item out of a tube, viewers witnessed Bebe correctly guess a chicken drumstick and Will Mellor taste a cake that Keith had chewed up and spat out himself.

The next contestant was Holly Willoughby, she and fellow team leader Paddy McGuiness were forced to try and guess a stomach-wrenching mixture of scrambled eggs and tea.

However, things got out of hand when Keith opted to forget the tube and shove a spoonful of egg straight into Holly’s blindfolded face. 

Holly lashed out shouting: “No stop! Stop!”

Despite Holly’s warnings, the host tried again before he was cut off by the This Morning host, who demanded he stopped, adding: “No stop putting it in my face!”

The outburst sent fans into a frenzy on social media who couldn’t help but comment on Twitter.

One said: “They aren’t treating our girl [Holly Willoughby] well.”

Another shared: “This game is so rank.”

While a third added: “Holly is screaming at something disgusting on Celeb Juice!”

Celebrity Juice continues next Thursday at 10pm on ITV.


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