Holidays: Britons risk losing holiday refunds as travel rules change tomorrow – what to do

Travel expert Simon Calder made an appearance on ITV today to warn Britons should be prepared for a change to the travel they’re used to in the wake of coronavirus.

“It is strange when you’re checking in because they’ve got very strict protocols,” he said of hotels.

“There’s perspex on the desk, they tell you exactly what’s required – of course, anybody who’s used to having their luggage taken to their room might wish to do so themselves, although there are protocols for that as well.

“Honestly, we are going to get used to this.

“It’s going to be a little uncomfortable first of all for some people, and many people, particularly if they’re in a vulnerable group, won’t even want to think about travelling within the UK, or indeed abroad, but it really is okay on planes – it’s a little bit crowded, it’s a little bit exciting, everyone’s wearing a mask.


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