Holidays 2019: TV Dr Hilary Jones reveals Britons must do this to swerve ‘hefty bills'

Holiday costs can often be unexpected, but prove hugely expensive nonetheless. The hidden fees could even see Briton’s vacation costs tripled as their wallets take the hit should they fall ill while on vacation, with no insurance to protect them. New findings from Staysure have shown the average medical claim in 2018 was £1,580 – which could see the cost of a holiday in some cases double or even triple – if cover wasn’t purchased before jetting off. This is coupled with the threat of lesser protection in a post Brexit environment, where a no deal would see the eradication of the EHIC card.

In the results released by the travel insurance company, gastroenteritis was the number one claimed for ailment in 2018.

The nasty stomach condition sparked medical bills costing on average £852, while heart attacks were the most expensive claim at an average £8,000.

County wise Spain, which was revealed as Britons’ favourite holiday hotspot, was the most common country in which to claim for medical costs.

An average 34 per cent of those polled admitted to doing this.

Meanwhile TV Dr, Dr Hilary Jones, who is a firm favourite with ITV viewers, has dished out some sage advice on how Britons can swerve a “blunderbuss” approach to travel insurance medical costs by doing two simple things.

Dr Hilary, who is part of the On the Wish You Weren’t Here campaign, said: “When travelling overseas, it’s worth being prepared ahead of departure.

“I suggest packing a basic first-aid kit with painkillers, antihistamines for allergies and stings, rehydrating powders for tummy upset and dehydration, insect repellents and of course sunscreen.

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“It’s also essential to take out medical travel insurance from a provider who specialise in tailoring cover, particularly if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

“In my own experience, I have found doctors abroad often take a blunderbuss approach to simple problems like insect bites and tummy upsets, giving injections where really, fluids and tablets would suffice, which could result in hefty medical bills!”

Ryan Howsam, Chairman of Staysure added: “Suffering a medical emergency abroad can be a scary experience and as our figures reveal, it can be costly too!

“Knowing that your properly covered and your insurance company will handle the situation for you, gives immense peace of mind at the worst possible time.”

Meanwhile, recently revealed how a major travel insurance change could benefit thousands of Britons.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced a consultation which could change all that – opening the door for better protection for Britons.

The survey is specially targeted at giving those with pre-existing troubles better access to travel insurance policies.

It hopes to collate a number of firms who are better equipped to provide protection in these cases.

British travellers who can particularly benefit are those who have had cover declined or cancelled part-way through their trip in the past, or those who have been hit with additional premiums because of their medical history.

The FCA believes around 0.7 per cent of Britons are flat out declined any cover every year.


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